Lilith Games celebrates its 10th anniversary with a heartfelt documentary

Fans reveal the developer’s positive impact on their lives

Lilith Games, a highly acclaimed mobile game developer recognized worldwide for its exceptional mobile games such as Rise of Kingdoms, Dislyte, and AFK Arena, marked its 10th anniversary on May 10, 2023. With a vast player base exceeding 150 million individuals across the globe, Lilith Games has established itself as a leading provider of captivating and top-notch mobile gaming experiences.

Lilith Games releases touching documentary showcasing player stories at its 10th anniversary

To commemorate the occasion, a company documentary was unveiled by Lilith Games, showcasing real-life players who shared their personal stories of the developer’s games making a significant and positive impact on their lives.

The documentary featured various individuals, such as Frank from Cameroon, former professional baseball player Ryosuke Hirata, popular AFK and Dislyte YouTubers known as Volkin and DaddyF2P, as well as two couples who initially connected through Lilith Games’ releases and eventually got married in real life. The film was deeply touching, portraying the immense passion of the Lilith Games community, both online and offline.

Moreover, the documentary serves as a reminder that regardless of the events occurring in the world, video games can provide solace and comfort. Whether it’s forging long-lasting friendships in the enchanting realm of Call of Dragons or joining forces to vanquish adversaries on the battlefield in Warpath, Lilith Games remains committed to promoting its core values of simplicity and authenticity to foster unity among players.

Lilith Games anticipates ongoing prosperity and expansion in the forthcoming years and expresses gratitude for the backing provided by its players and partners. The company intends to persist in developing games that deliver happiness and positivity to players across the globe while maintaining a steadfast dedication to nurturing a robust gaming community.

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