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Lost Blade: NetEase Games’ comic-style martial arts game is now available as open beta on Android and iOS

The game is now available as open beta in selected regions.

The comic-style evil martial arts game Lost Blade officially launched an open beta for Android and iOS in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, and Malaysia. Players who log in and finish the seven-day tasks will receive at least 365 free draws and other fantastic rewards!

Lost Blade takes place in a grim martial arts universe. It has been lost for a very long time; five evil factions have been at war with one another for many generations. The Heavenly Tome was written with blood and souls. Players will control all forces, redefine good and evil, and establish a new order for this world as the masters of the Heavenly Tome.

Experience unique and thrilling comic battles in Lost Blade

The game adopted a unique comic art style to dynamically depict the battle scene. Players can engage in thrilling battles that cross multiple dimensions thanks to the combination of ink-wash painting and comics.

LB Exploration
Image via NetEase

Players will get a lot of advantages from AFK. They can stop at any time and easily obtain rare resources. Create your elite team to conquer the evil martial arts industry. Players will set off various random events and delve deeply into the secret world as they explore the wild. Additionally, they will encounter a variety of heroes, learn amazing tales, and gradually solve the mystery of the Heavenly Tome.

Enjoy various kinds of fun in the martial arts world of Lost Blade

Players don’t just fight heroes in this place. There is a wealth pavilion, an escort agency, an elemental tower, and a tea house. Everything can be found in a variety of settings. You can fully immerse yourself in an adventure involving martial arts.

Lost Blade open beta
Image via NetEase

Players can quickly build the best squad after creating a new character by logging in daily, earning rewards online, and completing beginner tasks. 30,000 ingots as well as other rewards are also waiting for you to unlock!

Build your perfect team with free five-star heroes in the game

Two five-star heroes, “Embroidery Lady” and “Frost Dragon,” will be given to players who pre-register through the App Store or Google Play Store, helping them to get off to the best possible start.

Lost Blade open beta
Image via NetEase

Embroidery Lady, one of the most useful auxiliary heroes in the game, has all-around skills like healing, resurrection, and injury reduction, which significantly improve the team’s ability to survive.

Although Frost Dragon is small, she is the most trustworthy character. Her ultimate skill has an 80% chance to freeze the opponent, dealing a lot of damage and reducing their ability to use skills. She will additionally add a shield for herself each turn at the same time. There is no stronger team than them when paired with Embroidery Lady.

Are you excited as Lost Blade is now available on Android and iOS as open beta? Let us know in the comment section below!

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