Lost Light announces a series of Halloween 2022 themed events featuring exclusive rewards

The Halloween 2022 events have begun in the NetEase Games survival shooter Lost Light. Players are urged to sign in daily from October 27 through November 10 to receive a free Halloween weapon skin. Players may also explore the Halloween area and finish daily quests to earn gifts special to Halloween worth more than $250.

Players will get Special Holiday Decorations on a Spooky Halloween in Lost Light

New jack-o-lanterns and unsettling candles give off frightening Halloween vibes at the refuge in Lost Light, which has undergone a thorough renovation. The exclusion zone has also fallen victim to a never-ending darkness. Crows soar through the dense fog overhead, and the gloomy forest is more unsettling than ever.

For Halloween, Lost Light’s distinctive realistic art style has merged with the traditional pumpkin features to give gamers special Spooky Halloween skins. Come and celebrate a creepy Halloween in the enclosed, pitch-black exclusion zone.

The game has upgraded the terrain and donned AI robots with Halloween garb to give gamers a more realistic Halloween experience. On the eve of Halloween, AI robots with pumpkin heads will start to arrive. By defeating them, players can receive sporadic Halloween gifts and a chance to obtain the crucial HeLa Antibody item needed to stave against the pheromone pandemic. The rewards are better when the risk is greater. For points and Halloween prizes, gather the dispersed Halloween pumpkins across the map.

Exclusive Rewards will be redeemable during Halloween

Image via NetEase Games

From October 27 to November 10, the Lost Light Halloween Daily Mission will be accessible for a brief time. To receive a free weapon skin, players must log in to the game for 8 days straight. Additionally, by completing daily quests, players can earn in-game goodies worth over $250, such as a Halloween avatar frame, a Halloween emote, a backpack, in-game consumables, and other fantastic items. Get the Halloween prizes in Lost Light and have a spooky Halloween.

That’s all about Lost Light Halloween 2022 events. Did you find our Lost Light beginners guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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