Lost Light review: A complex yet polished warfare experience

Each decision will affect your chances of survival

Lost Light, Netease‘s new survival action game has been in its beta stages for a while now and is shaping up to be quite a decent action shooter title. Netease has worked on quite a few titles in the past but a lot of them have been kind of rough around the edges. Here in this article, we will review Lost Light and share our first impressions of the game.

Like most other games in this genre, the basics are the same. Shoot down your enemies and don’t die yourself. However, Lost Light adds a bunch of other elements as well. Now the game is pretty heavily inspired by Escape from Tarkov.

Join the task force and unveil sinister plans in stealth mode

Starting off with the Lost Light review, things like the gun customization and the health system are pretty similar to Escape from Tarkov alongside the maps (one of which feels like an exact copy but more on that later). The game takes the basic ideas of every action shooter game out there but adds more complex mechanics. The inventory system, health system, and crafting system add a lot to the game.

Playing through, it feels like the game does have more stealth elements as compared to other games in this genre which is a welcome feature. The guns, recoil, and other systems are pretty realistic and work just fine and you can even develop injuries and fractures after engaging in some combat. There’s a black market as well where you can sell off and buy items from other players.

The maps, of which there are three, are kind of small but aren’t bad for some tactical gameplay. The bots aren’t too bad at the game as well and make for some good PvE fighting. Another unique element added to the game is the option to befriend and help out the enemies players killed. You can actually choose to heal or execute your enemies (which would have been a great opportunity to add some gruesome execution effects similar to games like CoD: Warzone but instead when you choose to execute your enemy, they just drop dead. Kind of anti-climactic)

The game has Escape from Tarkov written all over it

Now the issue with this game is just how similar it is to Escape from Tarkov. If you’ve played that game, you’ll immediately notice the similarities. One of the three maps, Factory is close to an exact clone of the map with the same name from the PC game.

Lost Light, lost light release
Lost Light

The issue with this is that if Battlestate Games, the developer, and publisher of Escape from Tarkov takes notice and doesn’t like what Netease is doing, they can actually take legal action against the game. Something similar happened to Area F2, a Rainbow Six Siege clone for mobile which Ubisoft took action against, and now the game has been taken down. So this is something that can create some trouble for the game.

Polished graphics alongwith generic controls and UI

The game looks pretty good with neat-looking graphics while the audio is a bit mushy at times but isn’t too bad. The controls are pretty generic and while the UI can feel a little clunky at times, it’s decent and you’ll get used to the controls and UI. Lost Light doesn’t have advertisements which is always a plus and while there are In-App Purchases, you don’t have to pay to enjoy the game.

Another thing this game could have is First Person Perspective (FPP). Right now you can only play in Third Person Perspective (TPP) mode and while that isn’t necessarily bad, the game would look pretty good in FPP and that would be more realistic. One of the positives of this game is how it’s more polished than other Netease games, with fewer bugs and glitches. Definitely a step up from their usual games.

Final Verdict

Lost Light is certainly way better than a bunch of the games Netease has worked on in the past. In terms of things like graphics and gameplay, it’s not too different from Badlanders or Life After but playing through, you’d find the game to be a bit more polished and cleaner looking with way fewer bugs. The biggest complaint we had with this was the lack of an FPP mode.

Another thing which could be worked on is more maps since there are just 3 of those at present and they are relatively smaller in size. The game clearly isn’t for someone who just wants to drop into games with the standard and simpler mechanics but if more complex mechanics interest you, then with the crafting and health mechanics, Lost Light would work pretty well.

What are your opinions on the Lost Light game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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