Luminous Productions is set to merge with Square Enix to enhance the development potential

Both studious look forward to the future operations!

According to the latest developments in the Industry, gaming giant Square Enix is all but set to merge with Luminous Productions, the developer of the open-world action game Forspoken. Post the merger, Square Enix will be the surviving company operating with the assets of Luminous Productions.

The Merger of the companies is scheduled on May 1

Mergers are done to improve the production capabilities of both companies, the remaining surviving company usually takes the assets and the decisive decision-making share of the company’s shares. The same appears to be happening here, with Square Enix getting the assets in a bid to improve the production capacity of the companies involved. The effective date of the merger is scheduled for May 1.

Luminous Productions Square Enix Merge
Image via Square Enix

On February 28, Square Enix Holdings announced its plan to merge Luminous Productions. Luminous Productions is no stranger when it comes to working with Square Enix, in the past, the studio has published and handled large-scale titles for Square Enix globally. The merger shows a potential aim of Square Enix’s efforts of improving development capabilities as a whole of their studio.

Luminous Productions is famous for their work, Final Fantasy XV which was a great hit in the RPG genre. Square Enix has a history of working with the studio on multiple occasions, hence the merger won’t be a wrong step and both studios will be able to gel well for producing high-level output. For Instance, the famous Steam title, Forspoken which was developed by Luminous Productions, was further published by Square Enix to help enhance the reach of the game.

Luminous Productions Square Enix Merge
Image via Luminous Productions

At this point, it looks like a good business move by Square Enix as Luminous Productions has a history of producing some great high-end titles. This merger would prove to be very beneficial to Square Enix as they will have their hands on the human resource and technology of Luminous Productions.

This will only help out Square Enix in producing more high-end titles for their fans in the future. This move by Square Enix also hints at a potential step up in their development potential and fans might get themselves some big titles in the future.

What are your thoughts on Luminous Productions and Square Enix set to Merge with each other? Let us know in the comments below!

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