MADFINGER Games to shut down Shadowgun War Games on August 31st 2021

The end of an FPS era

Madfinger Games stated on their official website that they will shut down their popular FPS action game Shadowgun War Games on the 31st of August 2021 and mark it as the final season of the game. Due to some technical issues after its worldwide release, they are unable to expand and work on the game any further.

Why Shadowgun War Games is being shut down

Shadowgun War Games was inspired by Shadowgun Legends in hopes of replacing the latter’s inconsistent and rather unstable multiplayer feature. The game was then released to allow players to face off against other players worldwide and it did pretty well by having over a million downloads within the first month of its release. And also, in an exclusive interview with GamingonPhone, the developers had revealed that they had some big plans for the game. However, the game didn’t go as per the expectations of MADFINGER Games. Players who will be login to the game will be getting this message

shadowgun war games shut down
Image via MADFINGER Games

And below is the developer’s official message that was posted on the official website for fans worldwide

Hello Champions

After many tries and fails, it is our sad responsibility to announce with a heavy heart that this will be the last season of Shadowgun War Games, after which the game will be shut down on the 31st of August 2021. Please know this has been an incredibly hard decision, and everyone involved in making, promoting, and supporting the game has been holding out for an alternate ending. So, while the timing is not ideal, we didn’t want to finalize this decision before exhausting all other options first. We are incredibly grateful to all of you that joined us on this adventure. Your support and passion was the main reason Shadowgun War Games lasted at least this long.

There are no guarantees in life, and it is the same with the success and survival of games. Shadowgun War Games was an ambitious project to bring a competitive and fun game to the hands of all players around the world. From its early beginnings, we felt that it would be a challenge. Unfortunately, sometimes bad decisions are made, and oversights can occur, which leads us to this moment.

Shadowgun War Games suffered from several technical issues when initially released. We were set to fix them, but it proved to be both time and resource-demanding. While the team was locked in fixing those issues, we were unable to work on expanding and improving the game according to our initial plans. We tried our best to improve the bad performance of the game over time and worked intensively to make it more stable while adding a large batch of new content. Unfortunately, none of this helped the game to perform better, and soon the cost of running the game and associated services became impossible to sustain without compromising our other projects.

We appreciate all of the feedback from our players. It’s a real shame that we could not do more to make your ideas a reality. Once again, thank you all for your long-standing love and support. We hope to see you again in one of our future games!

Madfinger Games

Surely the news is a sad one for fans of the FPS title and we can only assume that Madfinger Games will soon announce a new multiplayer title to replace Shadowgun War Games after its final season, they can work on perfecting the multiplayer feature on Shadowgun Legends. 

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