Mahjong Soul x Saki: The Nationals collaboration Part 2 brings exclusive new Jyanshis and more

Exciting rewards are awaiting all mahjong masters!

Mahjong Soul launches Part 2 of the Saki: The Nationals Collaboration Event. The anime characters Hisa Takei, Mihoko Fukuji, Ako Atarashi, and Toki Onjoji may occasionally stop by the shrine and talk to Jyanshis. The partnership also introduces a wealth of Saki: The Nationals anime motifs to the Mahjong Soul fantasy world. All mahjong masters can expect new and recurrent Jyanshis, clothes, decorations, a new match mode, and rewards.

Part 2 of the collaboration brings a new game mode and exciting events

Mahjong Soul and Saki: The Nationals are collaborating once more, building on the success of their earlier partnership. The joint activity gets underway on November 15 and ends on December 6, 2022 (UTC-7). The addition of a brand-new game mode called Duel of Divination deviates from the standard mahjong rules and excites players.

When drawing a tile in this mode, the player can select one of the three transparent tiles that are displayed. This new game option alters the distribution of tiles, giving players greater choice and autonomy in their selection of tiles. This environment is appropriate for Saki: The Nationals’ narrative.

The primary focus of our partnership is the Stargazing Trip event. By completing event missions, players can earn event points. Players can receive one-time gifts and unlock event storylines by achieving a particular number of event points.

Mahjong Soul introduces new series of collaboration special Jyanshis 

Four characters from Saki: The Nationals visit Mahjong Soul in the second round of this collaboration and join the intense mahjong competition. The head of the Mahjong Club and student congress at Kiyosumi High School, Hisa Takei, prefers to employ paradoxical tactics that most players would find inconceivable when playing mahjong.

Mahjong Soul Saki The Nationals collaboration
Image via Yostar

Ako Atarashi is an exceptional math student in her first year at Achiga Girls’ Academy. As the leader of the Kazekoshi Girls’ High School’s Mahjong Club and its captain, Mihoko Fukuji is tenacious and bold. The Senriyama Girls’ High School’s ace with the gift of foresight is Toki Onjoji.

Enjoy Saki: The Nationals-themed decorations, outfits, and items

All collaborated Jyanshis from Saki: The Nationals will receive Bunny Ear Party Series Outfits as part of the cooperation event. In the new patch, several collaborative decorations are accessible. The Nationals, including Winning, Riichi, Riichi Bet, Tile Back, and Tablecloth, are influenced by and descended from Saki. The inclusion of vintage anime features and the immersive mahjong experience draw players into this entertaining game.

Mahjong Soul x Saki The Nationals
Image via Yostar

Additionally, this patch features some well-known characters from the first cooperation, like Saki Miyanaga, Teru Miyanaga, Koromo Amae, and Nodoka Haramura. An outstanding opportunity is the special rate-up for all new and rerun Jyanshis. Players can once again use the Exalted Blossom Series clothing and decorations from the first cooperation in this version.

Are you excited for Mahjong Soul and Saki The Nationals collaboration Part 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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