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MapleStory M brings a new character Kanna, special events, and rewards to celebrate its 5th anniversary

An adorable Magician class character arrives!

MapleStory M, a well-known free-to-play mobile MMORPG, is placing players in the role of a new character, the young Spirit Walker Kanna, as she battles a potent menace to celebrate its 5th anniversary. A whole cornucopia of events, new material, events, a new location, and thrilling incentives have all been organized by Nexon for Maplers to participate in.

MapleStory M introduces Spirit Walker, Kanna with her fluffy spirit fox companion, Haku

Kanna is making her spectacular debut in a fight against evil in Maple World while holding a fan in her hand and her cuddly spirit fox sidekick, Haku, by her side. Kanna must foil the plans of the insane warlord Oda Nobunaga, who wants to sacrifice Princess Sakuno as part of a rite to become the Demon King and return to her native country.

MapleStory M 5th anniversary
Image via Nexon

As a member of the magician class, Kanna possesses vast spiritual strength and uses magical Summons to support the other members of her party. With the debut of Kanna, several thrilling events, including the Mega Burning Plus Event, the Kanna Growth Mission, and the Grow with Kanna event, begin. Mobile Maplers can also visit Momijigaoka, Kanna’s home country, a new historical locale.

The game also brings special in-game events and rewards to celebrate its 5th anniversary

In addition, a unique event, mini-games, and a Coin Shop have been developed so that Mobile Maplers can participate in the happy fifth birthday celebrations of MapleStory M. At the Legendary Sages event, players can obtain strong buffs, equipment, and Event Coins from the masters as well as daily attendance awards that change every day.

The fifth-anniversary update for MapleStory M is jam-packed with fun activities and incentives for Mobile Maplers. These celebratory events include:

  • Legendary Sages: Players can obtain strong buffs, goods, and Event Coins to level up by completing a series of minigames. Additionally, Maplers can go see Sage Mr. Kim for a unique present.
  • Mega Burning Plus Event: Every time a chosen character levels up, they can get an additional two levels.
  • Maple M Burning Event: Every time a chosen Kanna character gains a level (Lv. 140–198), they can advance one level.
  • Kanna Growth Mission: By completing missions, players can earn additional goodies for Kanna.
  • Grow With Kanna: When Kanna levels up, a specific character from the same account receives an increase in EXP.
  • Attendance Sheets: Players who log in on particular dates will receive special gifts and a Fifth Anniversary Attendance Sheet.

Players can visit the official website or the social handles for additional information on the 5th anniversary celebrations in MapleStory M.

Are you excited about the MapleStory 5th anniversary celebrations? Let us know in the comments below!

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