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MapleStory M drops new Pathfinder class and more in the latest content update

Latest update adds Multiple Winter Season events with Exclusive rewards

Nexon’s popular free-to-play mobile MMORPG, MapleStory M has officially released its latest update, which will see the launch of the long-awaited Pathfinder class. Also, there will be a flurry of winter season events and activities for Maplers to tackle. The Pathfinder update has also increased the max level to 250 along with bringing new daily and weekly missions, achievements, and a new mini-dungeon to the game.

The deadly archer class Pathfinder is now available in MapleStory M

As the update rolls out for MapleStory M players, the sharpshooting Explorer who wields an ancient bow, Pathfinder, will be available as a new archer class. Maplers who pre-registered their Pathfinder were eligible for items such as Auto-Battle Charge Tickets and EXP tickets, while all players can take part in Mega Burning and On-Time or Growth Support events to help level-up a new Pathfinder quickly.

MapleStory M Pathfinder update
MapleStory M Pathfinder class (Image via Nexon)

Moreover, as a bonus after the ongoing in-game maintenance, both MapleStory M and MapleStory will be running the Pathfinder Link Event through January 19th, 2022, whereby, after reaching levels 70, 120, and 140 on MapleStory M with the Pathfinder, Maplers can garner rewards in both games, including a Pathfinder outfit gift box, Ancient Relic, and more.

Furthermore, the Black Mage’s fourth commander, Arkarium, formerly a servant under Rhinne, Maple World’s Transcendent of Time, is arriving for the first time in MapleStory M. Maplers will be able to craft all-new boss accessory Dominator Pendant using the materials acquired when defeating Arkarium.

Also, a new map in the Arcane River has also been added, the Dreaming City Lachelein. This map will be bringing with it new quests, monsters, area items to discover, and a new Arcane force field. Mini-dungeons have also received a quality-of-life improvement with this update so that Maplers can auto-play multiple times by using tickets and Mesos.

Play numerous winter seasonal events in the latest in-game update

In addition to the events celebrating the arrival of Pathfinder, players will get to play and enjoy numerous winter seasonal events occurring throughout December and into the new year:

  • I&B Burning Challenge Mission Event – From December 16th, 2021 through January 19th, 2022, this event returns, granting not only Ice Agent or Burning Agent player titles, but also granting daily missions for players to conquer.
  • Holiday Mr. Kim’s Gift – From December 23rd through December 30th, 2021, tapping on Mr. Kim will reward players with special items.
  • Winter Happyville Events – Various scheduled times for which you can refer to in-game event banner or see MapleStory M patch notes for exact times and dates for each event. Winter Happy Village will play host to multiple winter events throughout December and January:
    • Coin Drop Event
    • A Well-Behaved Child Needs A Gift!
    • A Crying Child Also Needs A Gift!
    • Buff Tree Event
    • Great Rudolph Escape
  • 2022 Countdown Event – From December 23rd, 2021 through January 6th, 2022, players can enter the event map every day and receive EXP for ten minutes. After spending ten minutes on the map, these players will receive a countdown reward and, on January 1st, 2022, Maplers can earn a special New Year reward.
  • Snowflake Snowpark – From January 6th, 2022 through January 19th, 2022, Maplers can earn AB tickets, EXP tickets, and Gold Leaf by clearing different missions and receiving stamps.

Apart from these events, players will get to play another event named 2022 New Year Wheel running from January 13th, 2021 through January 27th, 2022. In this event, players will get to receive a maximum of five wheel tickets per day by hunting. Rewards for participating in the event include AB tickets, Luckyday scroll 5 percent, cubes, EXP tickets, and more.

Are you excited about the MapleStory M content update featuring the new Pathfinder class? Do let us know in the comments!

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