Marvel Snap announces a new Competitive Game Mode named Conquest

Marvel Snap, a digital card game, will release a new competitive game mode named Conquest, as announced by developer Second Dinner. Marvel Snap, a simple-to-play card game with numerous Marvel Comics characters and special abilities, will be available in 2022. The game releases themed seasons every month that, among other things, bring new cards and locations that might change the meta and let players build potent decks. The current season of Marvel Snap features X-Men cards and is titled Days of Future Past.

The Conquest game mode in Marvel Snap takes its friendly PvP mode to the next level

Conquest is a brand-new competitive game mode that Second Dinner, the game’s developer, has in store for Marvel Snap in the upcoming months. The game mode, which will be similar to its friendly PvP mode but take it to the next level by allowing users to compete against other players in ranked games.

They get to pick the league they want to play in when they sign up for Conquest matches, and if they win a string of games without losing, they can earn tickets that let them play in higher league matchups. Also, players can earn medals that can be redeemed for exclusive items in the Conquest Shop.

Several gamers expressed their appreciation to Second Dinner for the game’s current direction as well as for the new game mode and other upgrades on the roadmap. To fully enjoy the competitive experience, one recommended that Marvel Snap implement a spectator mode in the client. According to Conquest’s responses, many players appear to be convinced that Marvel Snap can be a competitive online card game that is as successful as Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel.

Marvel Snap Spider Man Venom Cover
Image via Nuverse

Despite the fact that Conquest hasn’t yet been released, its inclusion in Marvel Snap might inspire gamers to advance to the necessary rank. During this period, they could also develop and test out decks that will assist them advance once Conquest is released. Destruction decks and Control decks are just a couple of the several types of decks available.

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