Marvel Snap brings Days of Future Past update with new Features, Cards and more

Days of Future Past, the newest season of original content from Marvel Snap, is now live in the game. Days of Future Past is based on a plot from the Uncanny X-Men series from the early 1980s. That’s the same name as an X-Men movie from 2014 where Jennifer Lawrence plays Mystique while painted blue.

Marvel Snap continued the season of Quantamania with colossal success. But, just after the end of that season, Marvel Snap introduces a new and one of the most thrilling seasons. The season is being named Days of Future Past. This season will focus the most on the sentinels and characters related to X men. There are many cards that are yet to be released this season as well.

Days of Future Past update introduces a set of new cards

Marvel Snap introduces the story of the sentinels in this new season. The new season has changed a few features and is also coming with 3 new cards for the players. The new season changes are as follows:

  1. The game has reduced the featured location from 48 hours to 24 hours.
  2. Players will now receive 50 cubes while they rank up.
  3. The game is also coming up with new cards such as:
    • Nimrod
    • Wolverine
    • Sentinel
Marvel Snap Days of Future Past update
Image via Nuverse

The game will be introducing more interesting variants of these cards as well. The card of Nimrod and Wolverine will get featured in the list of series 5 cards. And thus, because of their rarity, the cards will be received only by players who have collection levels of more than 486. The game has also introduced some new cards in the list of series 5. The concepts of the card along with their release date is mentioned below:

  1. MODOK : 7th March, 2023
  2. Master Mold: 14th March, 2023
  3. Negasonic Teenage Warhead: 21st March, 2023
  4. Kitty Pryde: 28th March, 2023
Marvel Snap Days of Future Past update
Image via Nuverse

New Locations and Bundles are coming in this season

The game will also introduce bundles after quite an interval of time. In these bundles, players will receive new cards and their variants, Golds, Cubes, and other items. Bundles cost real-time currencies and thus players need to buy out via in-game transactions to get to use them. The game is also introducing three new locations as well, these are:

  1. Orchis Forge: if players play a card in this location, a card of Sentinel will be added to their hands.
  2. Asteroid M: if players play a 3 or 4-cost card, that card will get moved up here.
  3. Krakoa: in this place, while the 5th turn continues, the location will automatically play any random card over this place by itself.

All the information that has been looked into suggests that Sentinels’ season will be pretty interesting. As a result, the players should expect a very exciting and exciting new season. Follow this article to learn about all the most recent and novel additions to Day of Future Past’s current season.

What are your thoughts about the Marvel Snap Days of Future Past update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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