Marvel Snap April 18, 2023 update: Cards, General, Balance Updates and more

Changes in Token shop and much more!

Every month, Marvel Snap comes up with patch updates once or twice so that they can fix all the ongoing issues that are becoming a hurdle for the players while they are inside the game. Thus, here is the patch note update released on April 18, 2023, and here are some changes in a few sections, new addons, and a few updates regarding some cards that got nerfed lately in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap took a hard decision over the Kitty Pryde card

Recently players witnessed a unique problem that they faced with the Kitty Pryde card. The card has a power in which it can double up its power and then again the card comes back to the deck. This created big trouble for the players as the card just kept doubling its power and didn’t even settle at a particular location. Due to this problem, Marvel Snap took down the card soon after its release, and today itself on their official discord server they announced that the card of Kitty Pryde will no longer continue in the game for now. 

The officials were found apologizing to the players and promised the players that they will try to fix the card and release it in the upcoming May patch note update. 

General Updates 

Seasonal series drop: here are a few cards that have dropped down to a lower series. 

  • Cards dropping from Series 5 to Series 4:
    • Ghost
    • Stature
    • M.O.D.O.K.
Marvel Snap April 18 2023 Update
Image via Nuverse
  • Cards dropping from Series 4 to Series 3:
    • Shuri
    • Bast
    • Valkyrie
    • Super Skrull
    • Black Panther

Audio changes

  1. New card sounds for the Squirrel Girl.
  2. The new location sounds like Camp Leigh.
  3. Added VO support for countries like Thailand and Indonesia. 

Card Updates in Marvel Snap April 18, 2023 update 

Shuri: 4/2 -> 4/2

Developers have decided to nerf the card and take a risk for once with this card for now. They added that they considered the card of Shuri with a couple of changes but later found that it was ruining the whole deck of cards. The developers explained their plan by saying that this Nerf might look just like nothing but they hope that this comes up with a great impact and later help out the players while they use the card. 

Marvel Snap Season Animals Assemble Season update, Marvel Snap Hit Monkey, Marvel Snap Animals Assemble Season Pass
Image via Nuverse

Leech: 5/3 -> 5/3

Developers never thought this card to be the one used the maximum by the users and thus this got up with a little bit of frustration lately. They witnessed that Leech was able to counter big attacks and players often started using it before Turn 5. Previously the developers tried nerfing it but that just came out to be an obstacle. Thus, they have just now released it as a counter-attacking card, and also the card won’t be made a foundational meta piece in the game rather it will fulfill its role. 

Lockjaw: 3/2 -> 3/2

Lockjaw is a fun and exciting card, but every trigger of this good boy generates up to 6 Energy. In multiple competitive decks, that’s quite a bit of variance! By adding cards, we will also be able to sidestep Lockjaw’s risks in new and improved ways. The most powerful and frustrating way to use Lockjaw is by triggering him multiple times in a turn, often with a snap in between. Lockjaw’s one swap per turn forces the player to develop their board without sprinting ahead. Due to this, Lockjaw will be far easier to play against and much less potent in decks that feature a lot of cheap cards, such as Thanos.

America Chavez: 6/9 -> 6/9

Formerly, if you have been approximately to attract the United States Chavez, you would just draw your subsequent card as a substitute. Because of this throughout the sport, she’s much more likely to be the top card of your deck. Thus, far this has been in large part unimportant outdoors compared to Yondu, but it does restrict our capacity to print cards that engage with the pinnacle of your deck. We count on this replacement to have little effect on the US Chavez’s functionality overall.

Jubilee: 4/1 -> 4/1

A number of our players might also not forget a time in which Jubilee had this ability! lower back then, Jubilee might regularly be a four/10 as she’d pull the USA Chavez very continually. We decided on the time to alternate Jubilee’s effect instead of America Chavez’s because the former changed into a much simpler change to come up with. but, we’re seeking to layout cards that engage with the top of your deck in the future, so we’re bringing this design back too! We count on this update to have little effect on Jubilee at the moment.

Marvel Snap release, Marvel Snap cards, Marvel Snap cards series drop, Marvel Snap Series Drop March 2023, Marvel Snap March Survey
Image via Nuverse

Leader: 6/7 -> 6/2

We have been in reality too harsh on the leader together with his preceding Nerf, and we’re dismayed that Motion became a cross-to example for a way ruinous a Nerf may be. Our balance philosophy is to hold as good a deal of playability as we moderately can when weakening playing cards, and we didn’t be triumphant right here previously. With this variation, we’re aiming to bring his strength lower back as much as a playable spot for a 6-fee card, but still avoid the oppressive effect his unique form had. We’ve erred on the cautious facet along with his strength for now because some previous defenses in opposition to the authentic leader, including gambling weaker playing cards earlier than a robust one, were not observed.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations in Marvel Snap April 18, 2023 update

  • The game now does not crash on a few Android gadgets when switching languages.
  • There is not an infinite loop if Morph spawns randomly (eg: through X-Mansion) and copies Kang.
  • The series three Token keep should now show properly when you have collected all collection 3 cards.
  • Tapping replica Kang’s in play at the same time as the turn is rewinding should not cause that card to disappear.
  • Spotlight cards in the Season pass UI can now be focused by using tapping anywhere on the card.
  • Credit/Gold deep linking must now navigate to the store from the reward/assignment detail view.
  • UI factors which include the avatar menu and emojis have to no longer be clickable while viewing a card’s information in-game.
  • Moving a card inside the details view and liberating must not be near the details view.
  • Constant trouble that might reason games to Aw Snap when positive card/area combinations were performed with Galactus.
  • Fixed a difficulty that allowed players to use characters in deck names that should be blocked.
  • Fixed some troubles that might cause Sandman’s VFX to play in conditions in which it should now not.
  • Playing cards introduced handy through Camp Lehigh do not overlap different cards in hand.
  • The Navigation bar doesn’t stay up when going to information objects after which it returns to the principal sport.
  • Kang ought to now not to reason the in-recreation song to be caught in a loop
  • Snapping after Kang’s been performed has to now not result in overlapping UI
  • Claiming collectors Reserve after upgrading a card should not fail from now onwards.
  • Version cards in the shop must now not show the incorrect card artwork whilst the shop refreshes
  • The Raft’s VFX need to not be missing while your opponent triggers the effect
  • Type and filter out UI elements that have to not stay open in the collection tab whilst navigating to different displays
  • Non-purposeful complete-screen alternatives have to now not be visible for iOS
  • constant Camp Lehigh’s VFX
  • [PC] UI elements should be properly anti-aliased when on high settings
  • [PC] Limbo ought to now show nicely

Known Issues List 

  • It could be tough to interact with the emotes in-match on some devices.
  • The Season skip spotlight card textual content is too large in a few languages.
  • The Season bypass does not consist of 1 thriller variant inside the loose track.
  • Set as preferred icon overlaps with the text icon in a few languages.
  • When you have the collection 3 cards targeted whilst the store rolls, the display screen can be blank for a moment.
  • Banner VFX shows the incorrect flip timer while Kang rewinds time.
  • It could be hard to add or delete letters within the deck call on Android.
  • Reconnecting text doesn’t display all of the time while Reconnecting to a friendly battle.
  • Players snapping at the equal flip can motivate the displayed electricity pips to be incorrect.
  • Sandman and Electro might not visually show the power in an area if the region is locked down.
  • Retreating as Kang is rewinding can cause an Aw Snap error.
  • After the store rolls over, some assets might be missing (should be resolved after gambling in shape).
  • The new player float can be bypassed in some situations and cause the client to interrupt until restarting.
  • Quake’s shuffling of locations can save you Shuri’s buff from being implemented.
  • Spamming the Pin button on gadgets in the Token keep may purpose an Aw Snap blunders.
  • Scrolling through the shop can war with the newly brought horizontal scrolling of the Token save.
  • Claimed series three playing cards in the Token shop can appear to remain claimable till you’ve exited and returned to the shop.
  • Mission praise icons can be missing.
  • “Uncommon” and “awesome uncommon” labels on cards are not usually translated.
  • Ongoing capabilities put off the merge VFX for Klyntar.
  • Mysterio’s token doesn’t replace as it should be in all views while the use of a variant.
  • Cards that modified abilities together with Mystique may not display the up-to-date ability textual content if again to hand.
  • Spectrum’s VFX for indicating which cards may be impacted via her capacity isn’t constantly showing
  • Whilst played on Sinister London, Omega Crimson’s reproduction performs its VFX in a couple of instances.
  • Playing cards inside the speedy improve section every so often shows the wrong artwork.
  • Quantum Realm doesn’t lessen the energy of playing cards that have their cost and energy swapped.
  • Some object names in bundles have too-small fonts or may be cut off in some languages.
  • Collection 3 Token store may additionally show duplicate items earlier than it’s rolled through every card.
  • New launch cards don’t display your available tokens in the shop UI.
  • Token keep doesn’t snap to the currently-targeted card.
  • Several currency/cache icons no longer show in front of the UI/heritage when focused.
  • Some editions have artist/variation name textual content that clips out of the nameplate.
  • There may be a visual blip on the shop page.
  • Time Stone doesn’t visually furnish power at the orb.
  • [PC] The Carousel may be difficult to scroll.
  • [PC] Switching languages after switching between Windowed and Windowed Fullscreen can cause text factors to vanish in the UI.
  • [PC] gambling Sentry can purposely make Aw Snap blunders.
  • [PC] sure SFX maintains to play when the sport is now not in focus.

That’s all for the Marvel Snap April 18 2023 Update!

What are your thoughts about the Marvel Snap April 18 2023 Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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