Marvel Snap August 2023 Development Roadmap: Conquest update, PC launch, and more

What's coming?

In the recently unveiled development roadmap for August 2023, Marvel Snap has revealed a host of exciting announcements and updates that are sure to thrill the players. There have been a lot of features announced including Conquest mode, PC launch, etc which will be coming soon. They have also shared what is in development and in the concept stage, which we will share in this article.

Card Upgrade improvements and Conquest mode updates are coming to Marvel Snap

One of the most important announcements is the official PC launch. With this, players can take advantage of the feature parity ensured across platforms, enabling players to collect in-game rewards, access their inbox, and stay updated with news directly on their platform of choice, eliminating the need to log in on mobile for reward collection.

Alongside the PC Launch, the features such as Twitch Drops, Seasonal Audio, Card Upgrade Improvements, Conquest Polish, Infinity Rank Revamp, and Global Matchmaking – Phase 1 are expected to come soon to the game.

Marvel Snap August 2023 Development Roadmap
Image via Nuverse

Two new features for Card Upgrade Improvements are coming, Multi-Upgrade and Upgrade with Gold. In Multi-Upgrade, players can select the desired Quality level and directly skip to it with a single tap, saving time and effort. As far as Upgrade with Gold is concerned, allowing players to complete card upgrades even if they lack the required Boosters or Credits by bridging the gap with Gold value.

The Conquest mode has been polished based on player feedback. The changes will include an improved loss flow, speeding up or introducing tap-to-skip animations for a smoother experience, updated mute behavior for better audio control, and UI/UX improvements. These enhancements aim to make the Conquest mode more enjoyable and streamlined for players.

More features are in Development and in the Concept stage

There are a few features that are in the development stage and will arrive once it is complete. Currently in development are the following features:

  • Prestige Level
  • Spotlight Cache Improvements
  • Collectible Emotes & Card Emojis
  • Personalized Shop
  • Smart Decks
  • New Infinity Splits & Split System Improvements
  • Ultimate Variant Evolution
Marvel Snap Ranked Seasonal Rewards for Rise of Phoenix
Image via Nuverse

The concept stage mentions potential features for the game’s future. A few of the concepts in consideration that might arrive after entering development are given below.

  • Guilds / Clans
  • Mythic Variants
  • PC Controller Support
  • New Game Mode
  • Season Journey Improvements

The feedback and insights from players will be considered before dropping all these live into the game. You can give read the full development blog here.

What are your thoughts on the Marvel Snap August 2023 Development Roadmap? Do let us know in the comments!

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