Marvel Snap comes with technical issue just after the release of new season

Bug hits Marvel Snap!

On 1st May 2023, Marvel Snap came up with their new season that is, Guardian’s Greatest Hit. The Season has been announced and thus comes up with great bundles and rewards for the players as well. But this time, due to some technical glitch or issue there arose a problem that was thus being pointed out by the Marvel Snap players players themselves. Thus, let us know more about the problem and see whether Marvel Snap did come up with any such solutions or not.

The technical issue led the Mystery Variants coming up for free in Marvel Snap

Later on the day of the release of the new season of Marvel Snap, a Twitter account namely, Second Dinner came up with a post where the user was describing a technical issue or a bug that most of the players witnessed over the game. The post said that some of the players have noticed that the Season Pass Mystery Variant is being moved to paid tracks from the free one.

This thing caused havoc among the players as Marvel Snap has always distributed this set of elements for free. The post further clarified that this is a bug and surely not an experience that will be provided or expected by the Marvel Snap players. The post concluded by saying that as an apology, Marvel Snap will give Free Mystery Variants to all the players as compensation.

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This post was later shared by the Marvel Snap official Twitter handle where they accepted the bug and added that this bug is still present in Guardians Greatest Hits and they will surely notify after they come up with the compensation in their upcoming updates.

Final Thoughts

Marvel Snap often comes up with some minor bugs and has solved them as early as they can. They always come up with compensations for the players because this thing affects a lot of the gameplay experiences. Thus, this thing will surely solve sooner in the upcoming updates in May and thus players will again get those Season Pass Mystery Variants for free. 

What are your thoughts about this technical issue in Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comment section below!

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