Marvel Snap introduces Master Mold in its latest March 2023 update

Master Mold arrives in Snapverse!

Marvel Snap is one of the most successful games of 2022 and is trying to become the best once again. At the beginning of March, the game came up with an outstanding season six, and thus, here comes an update for the season itself. Marvel Snap has again released a new card for the player, namely Master Mold. Thus, let us know in detail about the card.

Marvel Snap releases Master Mold as a rare card in the game

Master Mold is the new card for the season of Days of Future Past. Master Mold is an amazing character in the history of marver. Thus, the comic heads will be very happy after witnessing the release of this particular card. The new card is a very rare one and players above 486 Collection Level only have the chance to grab this card in their deck.

This card is not that much great work and is not a game-changer. But can help out players to increase or manipulate the deck of their opponents so that in the next turn the opponent does not get to use the best cards of itself. The card comes up with 2 costs and 2 power respectively along with a unique power that is, when a player will use this card, this card will add two Sentinels to the opponent’s deck.

Marvel Snap Master Mold
Image via Nuverse

As a new card, the card has been ranked as #196 in the game with a win percentage of over 43.1%. Marvel Snap has also introduced an interesting Variant of this card which is still unreleased in the game but players can check out the card on the official website. 

Final Thoughts 

Master Mold is an amazing character yet lacks a bit in the game. Adding 2 Sentinels in the hand of the opponent will just help a bit to the players and thus create a hindrance on the turn of opponents if they planned on using any of their best cards. What are your opinions on this new card that is released by Marvel Snap, let us know in the comment section below.

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