Marvel Snap January 2023 Update: Artist Credits, Balance Changes and more

New changes in cards and much more!

With the Marvel Snap meta slowly making its formation, the developers are closely paying heed to the strongest and the weakest cards in the game. A lot of card updates have been devised by the developers, along with some additional general updates and sound changes. Let us break down everything in the Marvel Snap January 2023 Update.

Marvel Snap January 2023 Update: General Updates, Artist Credits and more

One can now tap the Variant Label above the cards in the collection to see information about who the illustrators are!

General Updates

Marvel Snap January 2023 Update pro bundle
Image via Nuverse
  • The collection view automatically filters to the favourite variants when editing a deck.
  • When cards trigger each other in a loop that lasts too long, the game will now “fast forward” to the end of the loop.
  • Orka’s issue has been fixed, and the card is now in Series 4.
  • Russian language support has been introduced in the game.
  • For new players who want to jump right in, the developers are releasing a one-time purchase, ‘Pro Bundle’ with 12,500 Credits and enough boosters to upgrade 8 cards from Common to Infinity.
  • Reserves now reward different amounts of Collectors tokens once they collect all Series 3 Cards. The individual amounts vary from 200-600, instead of only 400. However, the token earning rate remains the same.

Marvel Snap January 2023 Update: Balance Updates

Card Updates


Image via Nuverse

Aero’s effect can be a very powerful disruption and control tool. While previously, the developers buffed Aero up to her current statline, players have since learned to utilize her to great effect. Therefore, it is appropriate to reduce her Power a bit.

5/8 -> 5/7


Marvel Snap January 2023 Update Galactus
Image via Nuverse

Even at the highest ranks of play, Galactus and the decks in which he is present, are demonstrating, concerningly high cube gain and win rates. Not all of these decks overtly herald his approach, and the range of cards that can complement him has proven wide and difficult for some decks to counter. The developers are taking one Power away from Galactus now and evaluating whether or not we should make more meaningful changes to his design in the future.

6/3 -> 6/2


Leader’s effect is proving to be very frustrating to many players and polarizing in its ability to lock down games and discourage playing some other 6-Cost cards. The developers are taking a bit of power away from him for now and exploring further changes to the card in the future.

6/4 -> 6/3


Nova’s effect makes him much stronger than an average 1-Cost card, so it is not appropriate that he has the stats of an average 1-Cost card.

1/2 -> 1/1


Marvel Snap January 2023 Update Drax
Image via Nuverse
  • 4/4 On Reveal: If the opponent played a card here this turn.
  • +4 Power. -> 4/5 On Reveal: If the opponent played a card here this turn, +3 Power.


The developers believe the Guardians’ effects create fun moments, but they can feel too sink or swim. The developers are giving Drax and Groot a small buff to their baselines to make them less risky to play and hopefully open them up as more viable contenders in the 3 and 4-Cost slots.

  • 3/3 On Reveal: If the opponent played a card here this turn.
  • +3 Power. -> 3/4 On Reveal: If the opponent played a card here this turn, +2 Power.


While the developers are aware of the Hazmat combo decks that may feel strong, Hazmat is actually doing fairly poorly overall. The developers are giving the decks, which enable a small buff with this update.

2/1 -> 2/2

Black Cat

Marvel Snap January 2023 Update Black Cat
Image via Nuverse

Black Cat sees virtually no play, so developers are giving her extra Power to make running her more worthwhile.

3/6 -> 3/7


The developers feel that Nakia’s effect is a fun mechanic to play with, but she is currently seeing very little success. A small buff might make her a more appealing option.

3/1 -> 3/2

Location Updates

  • Oscorp Tower will no longer swap card sides, if Professor X is there.
  • Raft and Vibranium Mines text-only updates.
  • Warrior Falls will appear less often.

Audio additions

New Location Sounds

  • Asgard
  • Daily Bugle

New Card Sounds

  • Aero
  • Polaris

Art and Visual Effects

The new visual effects for Aero and Polaris have been introduced.

What are your thoughts about the Marvel Snap January 2023 Update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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