Marvel Snap January 31, 2023 Update: Friendly Battles, General, Balance Updates and more

Small updates made in the Marvel Snap universe!

With the onset of the January 2023 Update in Marvel Snap, a new feature named Friendly Battles are being added. Players in the game can now play against each other with a friendly code. One can tap the new “Game Modes” icon on the navigation bar and then tap “Friendly Battle” to get started. Along with this new feature, a lot of new updates have been added as a part of the patch update introduced on January 31, 2023, in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap January 31, 2023 Update: General Updates

In this January 31, 2023 Update, developers have laid out some general updates.

  • Players can now change the name within the Avatar menu once every 30 days.
  • Zabu has been added to Series 5 in the Token Shop.
  • Updated Player Support conversations now have a red dot notification to let players know a response is waiting.

Audio, Art, and Visual Effects

  • A Voice-over volume slider has been added to the settings menu.
  • New effects for Ghost Rider when there is no card to play.

Marvel Snap January 31, 2023 Update: Balance Changes

Card Updates

Leader [6/7] 

Marvel Snap January 31 2023 Update leader marvel snap
Image via Nuverse

Leader is a prominent “finisher” in the current Snap meta, and developers are not happy with some of the card choices and play patterns he encourages, especially the strength against other cool 6-cost cards. They are changing Leader to only copy cards played at the location to his right, with more base Power to compensate. The developers hope that this change will reward clever predictions and reduce the frustration of playing against him.

On Reveal: This copies all cards which the opponent played to the location to the right, but on your side.

Wolverine [2/2]

Marvel Snap January 31 2023 Update, wolverine marvel snap
Image via Nuverse

Wolverine sees virtually no play at the moment, which is a bummer given how iconic he is. Developers are giving him a substantial buff to reward players for activating his effect and create new deckbuilding options at both low and high collection levels.

Changes: When this is discarded or destroyed, players regenerate it at a random location with +2 Power.

Developers have updated his text from “play” to “regenerate” to better reflect his gameplay functionality.

Text-Only Updates

In addition to Wolverine, a few cards use the word “play” in their text but don’t actually play anything. This small update aims to avoid players misinterpreting how these cards interact with triggers that specify playing a card:

  • Hela
  • Jubilee


Using more consistent language for similar effects.

Location Updates

In this piece, Text-Only Updates are made to the following:

  • The Raft: Removing the word “draw” for accuracy.
  • Vibranium Mines: Removing “a card” for brevity.

That’s all about the latest update in Marvel Snap.

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