Marvel Snap disables Kitty Pryde just hours after its release due to issues

Marvel Snap is in some serious trouble with Kitty Pryde Card!

On March 28th, Marvel Snap introduced their last character of March. Kitty Pryde, released with unique features and placed itself in the Ultra Rare Series 5 cards. The card holds a good rank in the game and also costs so less that makes the card very affordable. But the main problem arose after its release when players started to witness something fishy over the battlefield and then Marvel Snap disabled the Kitty Pryde card. Thus, let us know about the issue in detail and how this affected the players. 

Marvel Snap temporarily disabled Kitty Pryde hours after its release

Recently, after the release of Kitty Pryde card, Marvel Snap had to take down the card. It had been more than 15 hours since the card Kitty Pryde was taken down and fans were found quite disappointed. The issue that took place is that while matchmaking, players who kept the Kitty Pryde card in their deck were facing a severe issue of the match getting crashed. The same went with the opponents as well. They faced that if their opponent had Kitty Pryde in their deck the match would crash the mid way. 

Thus, Marvel Snap officials temporarily disabled the card and players won’t be able to access the Kitty Pryde card. Even if any player witnesses it in the Shop section, they’ll find an error screen if they try to buy it. The game has also taken down the card from the random card generation ability. 

Fans were utterly disappointed by Marvel Snap for the first time 

Marvel Snap Kitty Pryde
Image via Nuverse

After this incident, fans were found disappointed over Marvel Snap as they had spent tokens to buy this card and later found an issue that led to it being taken down instantly. Fans were found talking about this in a recent tweet about this issue. They stated their experiences along with memes to stand against such service from Marvel Snap.

Some fans were also demanding a refund of their tokens. However, some were also appreciating the management as they took the action instantly. The same was also witnessed under the Reddit post where fans got united and either supported or discussed this issue and action of Marvel Snap.

Final Thoughts 

In our opinion, as Marvel Snap has such a huge base it will surely fix the problem soon. Marvel Snap always tried to please the players and bring up every possible thing that they demand. They might bring up some compensation after fixing the problem as witnessed in the past. Players don’t have to worry much and wait for the right time when everything gets fixed and Kitty Pryde is back with a bang. 

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