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Mech Infinity is a top-down battle royale set in the Axie Infinity universe, now available on Android

Showoff your mech piloting skills by stacking up some kills!

Mech Infinity, a new battle royale developed by ConWiro is reportedly now available for players to access on the Android platform. No information is yet available for the iOS version as of now, the developers might release it after analyzing the performance of the Android version.

Mech Infinity will bring a Battle Royale experience to the Axie Infinity universe

The game, Mech Infinity will be a PVP Top-Down Shooter video game, where players will take the challenge and fight off real-time enemies. The developers aim to merge the best aspects of the most successful Battle Royale video games for today. The Axie Mechs are the main characters of the game and will have different base bodies, just like there are different classes of Axie (Beast, Bug, Mechs, Plant, Reptile, Dusk, Aqua, Birds, Dawn).

Players control Mechs of different classes, each with unique abilities and characteristics. The combat system of the game makes it a very unique venture for players to undertake, the developers made sure that players can use different aspects of the mechs like the right hand, left hand, shoulder pads, and back in the game resulting in unique combos dealing devastating damages to the opponents.

The game will also feature different combat modes for players to test their skillsets like 3v3,4v4 deathmatches and many more such modes. Matches will have a dynamic and competitive approach in which the duration of the rounds will not exceed more than 3 minutes displayed with a stopwatch. Screen orientation is expected to be landscape, in order to provide a greater field of view.

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As mentioned before each Axie Mech in the game will be of a different stat and class, thus bringing something different to the team. This will allow the players to strategize the team-building part of the game and enhance team spirit. Energy will be an important aspect of the game as well, as it is what allows Axie Mechs to use their abilities.

The energy bar refills on its own over time, or by finding energy orbs, which can be obtained by destroying boxes that can be found on the ground. Interested fans of the game can follow the official website of the game for further updates and can also access the game via Google Play

What are your thoughts on Mech Infinity being made available by the developers for Android devices? Let us know in the comments below.

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