Merge Mansion releases a short film featuring Pedro Pascal ahead of its milestone update on March 28

Metacore Set to Host VIP Event in Los Angeles with Pedro Pascal at Paramour Estate!

Metacore, the company behind the well-known mobile game Merge Mansion, today released a short film featuring Pedro Pascal, star of The Last of Us and The Mandalorian. The short film is directed by Martin Werner. By offering fans a preview of what might be included in Merge Mansion’s milestone update scheduled for March 28, the new short maintains the game’s enigmatic feel.

Pedro Pascal portrays Detective Tim Rockford to unlock the secrets of Boulton family in Merge Mansion

The short, which is divided into three distinct versions, offers viewers a chance to follow Pascal’s portrayal of Detective Tim Rockford as he looks into the Boulton family’s darkest secrets. Rockford questions Grandma throughout the short, speaks to neighbors, enters the renowned Boulton family estate, and looks for clues to figure out what Grandma is trying to hide.

According to Pedro Pascal, “Merge Mansion has created a fascinating narrative centered around family drama filled with mystery and secrets. It has captivated fans all over the world through their entertaining and unpredictable video campaigns.” He added, “To realize Martin’s vision and bring the lore of Merge Mansion to life, I had a lot of joy working with him on this short film for Merge Mansion. I’m glad that I was able to be a part of Metacore’s next major moment because it was obvious from the first day how much love and enthusiasm the team there has for its characters and this game.”

Merge Mansion Pedro Pascal
Image via Metacore Games

“This effort was a dream undertaking for me. The chance to turn the Merge Mansion video game into a mockumentary short allowed the cast and I to exercise all of our filmmaking prowess”, said director Martin Werner. He further stated, “Although Pedro Pascal is portraying a fictional character in this film, the ability to build everything around him raised the idea to a new level. Pedro’s body of work also seemed to fit perfectly with our interpretation of the Merge Mansion universe. I am incredibly proud of what we were able to accomplish. It took the complete crew working together and performing at their absolute best from beginning to end.”

Metacore to transform the Paramour Estate into the Boulton family mansion for the ultimate experience

To mark the launch of the highly-anticipated update scheduled for March 28, Metacore will transform the famed Paramour Estate into the Boulton family mansion for an immersive experience. It is part live-action theater, part escape room, and part lore museum. Pedro Pascal and other distinguished guests will join the Metacore crew for this historic event.

Players can visit the game’s official website for more information on Merge Mansion. They can also follow Grandma Ursula on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook .

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