Minecraft Earth early access has begun: Here’s what you need to know

The long-awaited Minecraft Earth early access is here! The new AR game based on Mojang’s cubic universe will let players go on adventures, build amazing structures and explore Minecraft in a whole new way maybe a little earlier than we thought.

Minecraft Earth’s official Twitter account just gave us some details about the early access availability. As of now, it can be played by those who are living in New Zeland, Iceland, Canada, UK and the US.

This can be somewhat of a letdown for some of the most impatient players. But fear no more, as more countries will get to have its hands on the game very soon. If you can’t wait, tho, making use of a VPN to try the game for yourself is also an option.

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What’s next?

Being in early access and judging by the countries listed, we can expect Minecraft Earth being available in other controlled environments before jumping to bigger territories. You can also follow Minecraft Earth’s official Twitter account. Or, check your app store to make sure the game’s available in your country.

If you are yet to know how the game will play or how will it even look like, we highly encourage watching some of the hands-on videos provided by Mojang, such as this one:

Minecraft Earth E3 Demo gameplay showcase.

If you happen to have missed out on this, you can still pre-register for Minecraft Earth early access here.

That’s all we know for now! Make sure to stay tuned to see when the next batch of countries for the Minecraft Earth early access gets announced!

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