Minecraft player recreates Sagittarius A*, one of the Milky Way’s Black Holes

SrMustard shared images of his build on a Minecraft subreddit!

Minecraft over the years has created an example of a gaming community that is creative and laid back. Minecraft players have shown amazing creativity in the sandbox game and have recreated many monuments from iconic movies or television series. Now, a Minecraft user has successfully built Sagittarius A*, a black hole of the Milky Way, taking Minecraft’s core values of creativity and exploration to outer space.

The recreated Sagittarius A* is a true masterpiece with impeccable details

Minecraft has always encouraged creativity and exploration. As a result, some users have let their creativity flow loose and built some of the most iconic builds of the game ever. A few months ago we saw a Minecraft user build a part of the iconic city of Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings franchise. 

Minecraft Black Hole
Image via u/SrMustard, Reddit

Now, a user named SrMustard has shared a few images on a Minecraft subreddit, claiming to successfully recreate the Sagittarius A* also called the A-star. A-Star is a massive black hole that sits in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Soon as the pictures of the build were shared, Redditors plunged into complimenting the build. Some even said that the creativity in it is impressive keeping in mind that the A-star is nearly 26 million kilometers away from us.

SrMustard’s recreation of the Sagittarius A* is nothing but a true masterpiece, the details on the recreation are just impeccable. SrMustard has included the accretion disk, the Schwarzchild radius, the event horizon, and the gap between the event horizon and the accretion disk, simulating the real, empty regions around the black hole.

Final Thoughts

This build from SrMustard doesn’t just showcase his creativity but also depicts how vast the game is and it is limitless for players who want to do something in it. Now that the game is awaiting the Mojang launch in the wild update, this will just get much bigger and allow players to build more such masterpieces across the game. SrMustard’s recreation of the A-star also sheds light on how the block-building game can keep players glued in for hundreds of hours and create such magnificent builds. 

What are your thoughts about the build of Sagittarius A*, Black Hole of Milky Way in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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