Minecraft player recreates popular rock band Toto’s song Africa in the game

The love song for a continent, now in the world of blocks!

Just like before, a Minecraft player has managed to surprise us once again with their build. This time it is not a giant build inspired by Pokémon or some other video game like Super Mario Bros or Breath of the Wild. It is not the recreation of a whole game, completely playable in-game like Valorant either, nor is it something like an abandoned city or Pyramid or an artistic recreation of Axolotls. This time around, we have a song, a really popular one on that note too, receiving a rendition in Minecraft and its Toto‘s Africa

Minecraft builds takes us to the beautiful lands of Africa, much like the classic song 

The rock band, Toto, released the album containing Africa, more than four whole decades ago. The song became a major hit, being almost like a love song addressed to the beautiful sights of the continent. 

The creator behind the build, u/stacinator, who posted it to Reddit and YouTube took three months to get the project right, making use of a bunch of Redstone, command blocks, jukeboxes, and other blocks in an attempt to get the notes right. They did not just stop there, as they also add a bunch of animations in the background as an ode to the content of their inspiration and Africa. 

Minecraft Toto's Africa
Image via Stacinator’s Reddit

There is little doubt about this being one of the most creative builds we have seen so far with a bunch of very apparent hard work put into it. Builds like these establish Minecraft as a game with a very little limit or restraint on creative freedom. 

What are your thoughts as a Minecraft player recreates Toto’s song “Africa” in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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