Minecraft player gives some new Pokemon inspired looks to the Axolotl

Catch ‘Em All in the world of Minecraft!

Some truly magnificent Minecraft builds have cropped on our radar with builds displaying scenes from Star Wars’ Death Star, a recreation of a battleship from Operation Desert Storm, Mario Odyssey’s Cap Kingdom, One Piece’s Onigashima, Planet Gallifrey from Doctor Who, Bloodborne’s Yharnam, an entire galaxy, and quite a few others. However, we’ve also seen some pretty funky ones off late like the Endermen modded to teleport and throw players off cliffs. There was also the Creepers decked out in Santa Hats and beards, quite fitting for the season of Christmas. Now, a Minecraft player has given Pokemon inspired looks to the Axolotl.

Minecraft player makes Axolotls cuter as Pokemon

This time around, we have something a bit different as while these aren’t directly made in the game, that’s where they draw heavy inspiration from. Reddit user u/Jinetixx took the basic looks of an Axolotl in the game and then added in some cool-looking touches to make them all more Pòkemon-like

This resulted in a bunch of really amazing renditions of Pòkemon as Axolotls. (Or the other way around?) And ever since Axolotls were added to the game, they have been extremely adorable and loveable mobs. They were added to raise awareness about the current dangers they face in our quickly evolving world. Many players were instantly charmed by their cute looks. 

This creation by the artist gives them a new look. And also while it might not be in the game like all of the other builds and mods and addons that we’ve seen so far, it certainly is inspired by what the world of Minecraft has to offer. This once again shows just how creators with creativity and drive can use the game to make anything. 

What are your thoughts as a Minecraft player gives Pokemon inspired looks to the Axolotl in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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