Mini DayZ 2 is now globally available on Android and iOS

Official 1.0.0 release is now live

The sequel release of Mini DayZ, Mini DayZ 2 is now available globally for all Android and iOS devices, with the official update release bringing a lot of improvements over Open Beta. Nearly a year after the official announcement, the team has finally introduced the official release, with the Mini DayZ 2 1.0.0 release available now for download, which brings multiplayer, bandits, special attacks and more.

Gameplay Overview

Bohemia Interactive made a beta release for a selected place around the globe. Mini Dayz 2 on May 18, 2021, under geo-beta, made the developers fix a total of 312 bug fixes and it was downloaded 13,156 times. The game allows the players to gather up different resources to make survival possible lurk within the post-apocalyptic world. With the official release, the developers have come up with several updates which were requested by the players in the beta version. Also, the list of updates would stop here and the developers had requested that the players make a nice gesture by buying some fuel or just leaving a nice review.

Mini Dayz 2
Mini Dayz 2 is now globally available

Mini Dayz 2 global release overview

To come up with a better and more precise experience for the players, developers have made several changes, even some additions and fixes.

  • The most demanded addition was to add the feature of Multiplayer and was the cause of making the game.
  • Another addition is of Bandits and now the zombies would be cool and even harmless when maintained a distance.
  • Also, to make a large community of zombies scare in a matter of a few seconds, Screamers are added.
  • The game already consisted of a large variety of animals, and the players could just make a move at them to protect themselves. But, now the players can make the meat in use by Skinning, which would help them supply their base with 5 different types of meat.
  • Special Attacks will include Baseball Bats and Hammers and the knives can now make a Backstab Attack. The Pitchfork or Spear can now be used to make a Puncture to the enemies.
  • Long-range weapons can now be used to make  Snipe shots or Precise shots which have stunningly high headshot rates.
  • A Shotgun can be used for a Double shot for a devastating blow up close.

Several more changes are made by the developers for making the experience of players worth remembering. Including new changes in weapons with pistols, making a big boost, fixing the repeated crashes and Most remarkably, the Crash in your base is fixed.

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