Mini DAYZ 2 is an upcoming sequel to Mini DAYZ from the makers of DAYZ

If you’re into games that involve players scouting the map for resources in order to survive from oncoming danger, Bohemia Interactive has the perfect game you would want to play. After being in early access for five years, DayZ, Bohemia Interactive’s survival game, was finally released for PC in 2018, with Xbox and PlayStation versions being released the following year. A 2D top-view pixel art version of the game called Mini DAYZ was also made available by the developers, for smartphones, to give mobile gamers a chance to live the DayZ experience on their portable handheld device. Speaking of which, Bohemia Interactive is working on an upcoming sequel to Mini DAYZ, titled Mini DAYZ 2, which would also be available for both Android & iOS.

About Mini DAYZ 2

Similar to the original DayZ and it’s mobile version Mini DAYZ, Mini DAYZ 2 is also an action-based survival video game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Almost all of the world’s population has been decimated by a plague that has turned humans into infected zombies. Every living and sentient human being has been forced to become survivors. There is danger everywhere; if you’re not bitten and devoured by the infected, then other hostile human beings might kill you for resources that you possess, or might as well team up with you in order for their survival.

Crafting & Resource Management

Players are required to gather various sorts of resources that will help them survive the dangers that lurk within the post-apocalyptic world of the upcoming game Mini DAYZ 2. While resources like food can be used for personal consumption, other resources such as materials and components can be used for crafting useful items and upgrading your base. Another resource is Fuel, which can be only obtained through micro-transactions. According to the developers, purchasing Fuels will not give players any major additional advantage over other players who did not buy them. It would not be used for any normal crafting processes. Instead, it will serve as a booster which will help you skip or speed up waiting times for certain processes in your base.

Mini DAYZ 2 Upcoming
Different kind of meat in Mini DAYZ 2

Mini DAYZ 2 features an arsenal of weapons, both melee as well as firearms, which you can use for your defense and eliminating zombies in action. These weapons can be upgraded by means of fitting them with attachments. For example, you might as well attach a scope to your Repeater for long-range attacks, or upgrade your baseball bat with nails for increased melee damage. Crafting is an essential part of Mini DAYZ 2 as well as managing resources. Players need to decide which materials they would immediately use up for crafting or consumption, and which ones to bring back to their base for future upgrades and use.

Upcoming Mini DAYZ 2, Mini DAYZ 2 weapons
Different weapons in Mini DAYZ 2

The world of Mini DAYZ 2

As quoted by the developers in one of their blogs, maps in Mini DAYZ 2 can range from “small to gigantic”, since players can spare a varying amount of time playing the game. Every location will have approximately 200 maps. Therefore, each time you visit a location, it will be completely different. Every map will have several points of interest that players can visit. A Point of Interest will have a unique chest that you can loot for even more precious and rarer resources. However, getting to these locations will be much riskier as compared to other locations on the map.

Development Progress

A recent blog by publishers Bohemia Interactive also includes gameplay footage of Mini DAYZ 2, the first one to date. The gameplay is from an alpha version of the game. Thus, we can assume that the game is currently in it’s Alpha Phase. In a series of blogs published every month, the developers wrote in detail about the various gameplay mechanics like combat and stealth mechanics of Mini DAYZ 2, and what changes the sequel has as compared to the previous game. This new Alpha footage, however, showed a Raid, which players need to go on to gather resources. The video of the Raid shows all the features of the game, discussed above.

Mini DAYZ 2 Alpha Gameplay trailer

When will Mini DAYZ 2 release?

Though Bohemia Interactive has shown us a lot of Mini DAYZ 2 snippets, they still have not confirmed anything as to when the game will be released. We should assume that it won’t be that long, given the fact that Bohemia Interactive just released the Alpha footage and is constantly updating us on various aspects of the upcoming Mini DAYZ 2. As soon as they announce any date, we’ll update this space. So, stay tuned!

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Surely this game won’t be stuck in buggy early access hell like the original, the PC standalone, or the mod.

Tousif Hasan Biswas

Lets hope for the best!

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