Mission Zero: Dive into Confrontation is an upcoming game by NetEase

Infiltration styled gameplay enters a competitive field

NetEase for a while now has been pumping out games, popular ones being Tank Company and Project M. Another one is being added, Mission Zero: Dive info Confrontation being the latest addition to their lineup. The game so far seems to be available for China only and has a ‘Peekaboo’, hide and seek styled stealth gameplay. However, not much info about the global release is available.

Stealth is the core mechanic

The developer intends to take some games’ infiltration aspect and then make them competitive. Like the Hitman games but with a competitive aspect to them. The gameplay follows a 2×4 team system. Basically, 4 sneaking parties will be hiding in the crowd and then 2 seeking parties looking for them. So it’s basically about blending into your surroundings and not being seen in case you’re hiding and being aware and alert in case you’re a seeker.

The main skill needed is acting like you aren’t a part of the hiding team and avoiding confrontation. The game has gone through a couple of offline tests and so far development has been intensive while online multiplayer tests should be scheduled to be available soon.

Game would be China exclusive on release

While the game is going to be free to download, the development team has said that the aim is to create a game where paid content does not give you an edge over other players. Also, it seems as if this game at least for now is going to be exclusive to China however it would be great if the game got a global release somewhere down the road.

Mission Zero: Dive into Confrontation looks like it’s built on a pretty good idea of a spy thriller. The mobile industry does need some games that involve aspects like stealth. Overall the premise is pretty interesting and only time can tell how well the game does.

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