Mission Zero: Netease Games’ 2v4 stealth action is heading for a global release on mobile and PC

NetEase aims to bring a unique experience in the stealth action genre!

NetEase Games is currently working on a stealth action game for mobile and PC. The company behind hit games like Onmyoji Arena and Cyber Hunter is enlarging their portfolio by developing this latest title called Mission Zero, which is inching closer to a global release. NetEase currently has many big titles lined up for global release. The news was first broken about this game on August 18, 2021.

Mission Zero is a competitive stealth game that features two teams fighting against each other. A trailer has been released by NetEase which showcases major gameplay elements of the game. From the look of the trailer, the game will include high-octane action set pieces with unique in-game abilities which will give the players a fresh experience in the stealth-action genre.  

Experience a thrilling game of Hide and seek in Mission Zero

In Mission Zero, players will engage in a thrilling game of hide and seek, where they will take on one of two roles in a match, invader or chaser. The game has elements of the stealth genre, blended with that of the action genre. Players can have multiple disguises and abilities to pull off some kickass action. 

Mission Zero Gameplay
Image via NetEase

The game includes 2v4 combat, wherein the 4 invaders are collectively known as Sirius and the 2 chasers are collectively known as Mobius. The task of the Invaders is to blend in and collect secret information. In order to do so, they must take on various roles like a janitor, for instance. Nobody looks at the person listening to music and sweeping floors, in that way, it allows players to easily blend in and collect secret information.

The task of the Chasers is to track down the Invaders before they can complete their objective. Different Mobius characters as seen in the trailer are Vanessa (The Pale Rose), Pando (The Flurry of Fists), Hickster (The Master of Magic), and Aya (The Rampage Girl).

More details on the release date to be available post technical tests

As of now, NetEase Games has not shared any information regarding a release date for Mission Zero. The developers have confirmed that they will be starting a technical test of the game on July 8, 2022. It is expected that the developers will share further details about the release after the successful completion of the technical test. More information can be found on the official website.

Are you excited as Mission Zero is all set for a global release soon on mobile devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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