MLBB April 2021 Leaks: Upcoming Heroes, Skins and Events

Lots of new upcoming stuff in Mobile Legends!

On April Fool’s Day, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the ever-growing Multiplayer Online Battlefield Arena (MOBA) game has released a series of leaked information about upcoming events and heroes. With all other information that was released on the 1st of April, most of it is unlikely to be true. However, MLBB has brought back the same images and information and has debunked which of those are fake, and which are real. In this article, we’ll be breaking down the information from the MLBB April 2021 Leaks, and talk about the information which is true and confirmed, true but still under speculation and stuff that is completely false.

Mobile Legends Revamped and Upcoming Heroes

We all know by now that the new Swamp Spirits hero Gloo will be arriving in the Original Server soon, around the 16th of April. MLBB has been teasing him with social media posts, in-game posters, short videos. He has been thoroughly tested in the Advanced Server as well. Tank mains will definitely need to be saving their Battle Points up, as he is expected to be quite a strong pick in these coming weeks.

Gloo MLBB, MLBB April 2021 Leaks
Gloo will be released in the Original Server

MLBB has also announced that Necrokeep heroes Faramis and Vexana will be getting their own revamp very soon. It is about time that players pay more attention to these deathly characters. Faramis in particular is in dire need of more attention, as he is one of the least picked heroes. He has not gotten a single unique skin, aside from the basic skin from his release in 2019. Vexana is also considered one of the weakest mages in the game and should be deserving of a rework.

Aside from the heroes we know, MLBB April 2021 leaks reveal that they have plans to release a hero that can “turn into an enemy and replicate their Ult”. This information is quite vague and could be referencing Gloo. Gloo’s Ultimate allows him to take over an enemy hero and control them. MLBB may be teasing the release of another new hero, whose skills sound quite similar to that of Rubick, from Dota 2. Rubick can replicate the last skill cast by an enemy hero. On a lighter note, Chou will not be getting a girlfriend anytime soon. He is still single.

Arcade and Battlefield Adjustments

As popular as it was, Survival: Lethal Nexus will not be a permanent game mode in MLBB. The event that came along with the release of Beatrix was a huge hit amongst members of the MLBB fan base, and many players genuinely enjoyed it. Some players even want to bring back the old version of Survival, where other heroes could be played, and the battle royale was in teams of 3. Fortunately, it seems like Beatrix will be staying in the spotlight a little while longer, as she will be getting another game mode that will feature her as the main character.

On the 5v5 battlefield, it seems like MLBB developers want to change the experience for players who are of Mythic rank and above, deciding to alter the “attributes of the turrets, Lord, etc. in Mythic ranked matches and tournaments” As for the details of how they will make it different from Legend rank and below is still unknown at the moment, but veteran MLBB players can expect to see some drastic changes in the coming seasons.

Upcoming skins and events

Like in any other game, MLBB has its fair share of whales. Some players spend a fortune on in-game items, usually highly coveted characters or attractive skins. Many skins are very sought-after in MLBB. Moonton knows how to attract players to buy a whole lot of them. Coming in with their annual 515 events in May, MLBB is planning to release the 515 Music Party event, which will feature their new music band S.T.U.N. S.T.U.N consists of Chou, Selena, and Brody as its members. All 3 heroes will be receiving time-limited Epic Skins soon. This will be thematically parallel to the hip-hop/EDM genre of the event.

Mobile legends, ML STUN

While MLBB will not be buying an asteroid anytime soon, they will be collaborating with something akin to it. There have been speculations and rumours in the community that MLBB will be collaborating with Disney to release Star Wars-themed MLBB skins. Among the announced heroes, Argus, Cyclops, and Eudora and some other heroes might be the lucky recipients of these skins.

Lastly, MLBB is teasing yet another future event: The Collapse of the Celestial Palace with The Land of Dawn being on the brink of apocalypse. For the game, this means that its heroes are still unknown for now. We can expect it will definitely be an exciting event to take part in.

What do you think about this MLBB April 2021 Leaks? Which event you are looking forward to the most? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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