Mobile Game Ads: Which ones are the most popular?

Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. Significant improvement in video games has led to creating mobile games, which are very popular nowadays and a lot of people gradually turn to mobile gaming. To make their product even attractive, developers spend a lot of time and money for the advertising campaign. A good ad is a way to success. Almost all of us, when we are playing games on mobile devices, come across various ads. Some of them turn out to be misleading, and this is a huge problem for gaming. In this article, we will review the nature of fake ads as well the most popular types of mobile game ads.

Why do mobile game developers use misleading ads?

We have all encountered well-created ads, with decent graphics and good gameplay, but as soon as we download them they turn out to be completely different from what we have seen. The misleading campaign did not appear yesterday. It is used to promote mobile gaming.

Today, the bulk of misleads are humorous videos or interactive banners in which the user is offered to make a choice. Customers step by step, understand the nature of fake ads, and try to avoid them.

mobile game ads

Which ads are the most popular?

There are different types of ads used in mobile gaming, and we will review each of them.

1. Interactive ads

On iOS and Android devices, we frequently see interactive ads. Basically, they can be played by games, and this strategy turns out to very effective. You have the possibility to try the gameplay yourself for a short time and download it afterward.

In Canada, this marketing strategy gained a lot of attention from customers. While playing, games from Canadian VIP casinos appeared on screens. Players were given the opportunity to play roulette, slots and they find it so attractive, that almost half of the players downloaded games. For the gambling industry exposure of the brand is a thing of vital importance and integrating ads in mobile gaming proved to be efficient. It is even alluring when you can make choices by yourself, and playable ads are a great option for that.

2. Gaming ads that provide rewards

When we play games on our devices, sometimes we fail to get through a particular mission and are in need of assistance. In such moments, gaming ads appear that actually give us rewards. You are rewarded with additional life, hint or item in exchange for watching a video. Users are better focused on the gameplay and are willing to watch the ad.

3. Teasers and banners

Typically such formats are beneficial as well. You are provided with a teaser, which is usually well-designed, and it encourages the client to click and further explore the game. If we look at the statistics, such banners provide a high-level of engagement from gamers.

4. Trailers

Such ads are like videos and generally are more difficult to make. They include dynamics, plot elements, which triggers a player to test the game further. Visual, audio and textual details are harmoniously mixed with each other. They tend to last for 20-30 seconds and generally, are very effective.


Researches about mobile gaming ads are conducted frequently. The field is getting lucrative year after year – eager gamers are willing to invest a huge amount of money in games, in order to get additional items, achievements and gain access to additional features. To further attract them, video game developers put a hard effort in the advertising campaigns. Some of them are fake and this is a huge problem for the gaming industry, but most ads are greatly designed and allow customers to interact with them.

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