Mobile Legends: 5-year dev talk reveals how the game has changed over the years

A senior game designer shares some ideas for improving the game

Recently, a 5-year dev talk video has been published from the Mobile Legends‘ official YouTube channel, discussing how the game has changed over the years and the future plan for Mobile Legends in the next five years. A senior game designer who has designed 56 heroes in total, including Miya, Chou, Ling, Roger, etc. shares some ideas for improving the game for all the players through the players’ frequently asked questions and complaints.

Q: How to balance the Graphics and Smoothness for MLBB in the next 5 years?

Mobile Legends 5-year dev talk
Mobile Legends Dev talk (Image via MOONTON Games)

As the game designer says, it is very important to provide high-quality content for the players but sometimes it can be tricky to provide decent graphics and fluidity at the same time. Their effort in graphics becomes pointless if the player’s phone cannot run the game smoothly. After each update players often complain the game is not smooth. Moonton doesn’t want to lose old players. Their goal is to make the game enjoyable for everyone. To ensure this, last year, after months of discussion, they started a project.

“Automatically provide each device with the most suitable game assets”

That means if the player’s phone is low configured or an old device they will get lower quality graphics files and the game settings will be set to low or mid by default and those who have a higher-end device will get the best quality graphics and high settings by default. This way they can provide the best quality while maintaining hardware limitations.

Q: The plans and obstacles for this project?

Mobile Legends dev talk
The plans and obstacles for this project (Image via MOONTON Games)

The plan may sound very cool but the implementation is very difficult. The dev gives special thanks to the artists and the programmers who are working hard to make this happen. The plan needs modeling artists to deliver multiple versions of the same character and the programmers prepare multiple solutions for different hardware models. All these changes will take mobile legends into a new era

To make this work they have purchased thousands of different phones to learn about their performance difference. Game artists are trying very hard to improve ML’s visuals for the best output on different devices. As they say, the project demands long-term effort and investment. They still need to do a lot of work in the next months or even years and when it is ready they won’t let the players down.

Mobile Legends
Improving ML’s visuals (Image via MOONTON Games)

Q. Any plans to improve the Mobile Legends game environment? 

There are hundreds of millions of active players in ML. Their goal is to keep the game environment positive and clean. Regarding this, they have implemented the Credit Score system, which pushes the players to keep the game environment clean. Leaving the match will reduce players’ credit score and they won’t be able to play ranked mode until their credit score is recovered. There is also a feature that players will get muted if they trash talk or say bad words to the other players. 

They are also taking action against the cheaters to make the game fair for everyone.

Mobile Legends 5-year dev talk
Action against the cheaters (Image via MOONTON Games)

“Optimized the auto-detection of cheating in matchmaking to more effectively locate violators” 

“Added upper limits to the neighborhood score for each rank to prevent intentional rank drop and score cheating”

This will prevent the cheaters from losing their rank matches intentionally and get a high MMR of any hero to be on the Global Leaderboard as MMR can’t go higher in lower ranks. 

Find the video given above for complete information on Mobile Legends’ previous 5-year journey dev talk. Fans can hope for a much better gameplay experience and esports competitions from MOONTON in the coming years!

What are your thoughts about the Mobile Legends 5-year dev talk? Let us know in the comments below!

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