Mobile Legends Ling Guide: Best builds, Emblems and Gameplay tips

Ling is one of the most powerful meta assassin currently in Mobile Legends (MLBB). After the recent buff, his damage of the first skill and the ultimate is increased, for which Ling hyper carry is one of the most favourite and overpowering picks nowadays. Not only this Ling’s ability to kill and get out in an instant is the ultimate nightmare for the marksmen and mages. But hyper carrying is not that easy, as the team relies totally on you for which one bad decision could end the game right away. So in this guide, we will show you how to hyper carry with ling properly in Mobile Legends and also the obvious how to counter it, in case the enemy picks it.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Mobile Legends heroes like Wanwan, Pharsa, Carmilla, Hayabusa, Atlas, Luo Yi, Yu Zhong. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Ling.

Best Emblem set and Spell for Ling

Emblem Set

The best emblem set for Ling is the Assassin Emblem which should be set up as follows

1st Row: Agility+3 (For maximum movement speed) OR
You can go for Bravery+3 For increasing damage

  • 2nd Row: Invasion+3 (For maximum Physical PEN)
  • 3rd Row: Take Bounty Hunter for increasing gold per kill.
Emblem Sets for Ling


Retribution is the best spell for Ling right now, as Ling needs heavy farming in the early game. In the case of hyper carrying, you can also go for Aegis to maintain the durability in an unexpected gank or against hard body heroes.

Best Builds for Ling in Mobile Legends

Most of the Ling users use two different kinds of build. We will guide you to both the builds for Ling in Mobile Legends

First is With Boots

This build will be recommended if you take Bravery in your Emblem set. The boots will mainly reduce the CD of the skills allowing you to use them pretty vigorously.

Build for Ling

Second is without boots

This build is used by most of the pro players and you should take agility in your emblem set for this. This build has one advantage too, as you can take more attack equipments than others your damage probability is high while going by this build.

Skills and Counter Skills for Ling

There are three skills possessed by Ling. We will guide you through all the skills and their counters for Ling in Mobile Legends.

1st skill Finch Poise

The first skill of ling allows him to jump on a wall and move freely from one wall to another. Each time you upgrade this skill his Crit Damage will be increased 5% resulting increase in damage when hit directly from a wall. This skill also allows him to camouflage a little from certain ground attacks.

This is the main mobility skill of ling which helps him to enter and leave a gank almost instantly. This skill has a CD of 7secs but it can be reduced.


While ling is on a wall any CC or stun can make him fall down. Any targeted skill can make his camouflage go away and while he is not in the camouflaged state any basic attack can hit him. Example: Gord’s 1st skill(Mytic Projectile), Chou’s 1st skill(knocked up), Helcurt’s Silence, Pharsa’s stun, etc.

2nd skill Defiant sword

Ling charges in one direction and deals damage in that designated location. This skill is the main damage source of ling. In every dash, his passive gets reloaded and provides heavy critic damage to the enemies.


While ling dashes any knocked-up skill and CC skills can stop his dash but he will receive a certain amount of damage. Example: Cecellion’s 2nd skill, Gatotkaca’s Ultimate, Kaja Ultimate, Natalia’s Silence, Helcurt’s First skill, and Petrify Combo, etc.

3rd skill Tempest of blades

Ling leaps up and casts his sword into four other swords, during which he becomes invincible to all kinds of damages including tower damage. When he lands the ground he deals pretty decent damage to the enemies inside the four swords. When he collects the swords, his 2nd skill gets restored instantly and can be used 4 times collecting the four swords.


While ling is using his ultimate he is invincible so to stop him you need to wait for his ultimate to finish off then stun him before he gets out. Or you can make him use his ultimate early (just after he uses his 2nd skill) and for which after his 2nd skill will get a CD of 0.5s enough to kill him in a gank. Example: Kaja’s Ultimate, Gatotkaca ultimate, Belerick Ultimate, Nana’s Molina, Natalia’s Silence, Helcurt’s Silence, etc.

Ling Hyper carry Positioning and Gameplay tips

While playing hyper carry you always should have 2 solo laners in your team and you always need to place the carry in the mid lane, in a formation of 1-3-1. It is the best hyper carry positioning till now. For Ling, tanks like Lolita, Grock, and Hylos are the best tanks for hyper carry, whereas mages like Valir, Pharsa, and Lou Yi are the best mages for ling hyper carry. We will guide you through all the steps to Hyper carry Ling along with his positioning in Mobile Legends.

Early Game

  1. Start your game by clearing the mid minion wave first. Make sure that the tank and mage both buy roam. After clearing the minion wave, go for the healing crab. After taking healing crab you have two options, if the opponent’s mid lane is not that strong, invade their blue without a doubt. If the enemies mid lane is quite strong, go for your blue buff instead. Make sure the blue buff is guarded as the blue buff is the main power source of ling to maintain his energy in a gank. Without the blue buff, you will eventually run out of energy in 3-4 dashes.
  2. After the blue buff take the red buff as well, as it will increase the early game damage of ling. After taking both the buffs you will easily be level 4 so go for the enemy carry. Try to Ambush him with your tank and mage.
Mobile Legends Ling Guide Early Game
Early Game positioning

Positioning Tips

  1. Now to maintain positioning so that enemies cant push the turrets one person always needs to guard the turrets always. If you’re ganking in the top Bot laner should rotate to mid just to clear the minion wave. Then again return to the bot to clear the minion wave there. This is the basic rotation technique of 1-3-1 formation.
  2. You also need to break the turret in the lane you’re ganking and it’s really important for taking advantage of the early game.
  3. After the gank wait for the blue buff and clear the minion wave in the mid. Secure the blue buff and the red buff as quickly as possible and go for the turtle. Try to gank and take out some kills.
  4. Now always remember while ganking ling should never engage first in a gank. Ling’s work is only taking out kills as much as he can in the early game and just go back behind the tank and wait for your next target. While ganking you should never jump on the tank. Always jump on the damage dealer to immobilize him in the first place so that you’re tank survives.

After the gank take out the turtle and ask the offlaners to push their lanes as well.

Mid Game

Mobile Legends Ling Guide Mid Game
Mid Game Positioning
  1. In the mid-game, the best possibility is that the enemies will go full defense in most cases. And you will be under heavy marking for sure.
  2. To remove the marking one offlaner has to take your position. While you push his lane’s turrets. If they started to gank, rush in the gank location as fast as you can.
  3. If the enemies HP is 50% or under 50% charge without any hesitation and secure the kills. Go back to the lane after gank and don’t forget to take your respective buffs.
  4. In the mid-game, constantly change your locations as it is highly possible for the enemy to ambush you in the first place but never engage a gank alone. Remember you charging alone is what the enemy wants in the mid-game. Don’t fall for it.
  5. Always ask the tank to initiate first and try to take out the enemies one by one. Try to take out the lord if you’re dominating the game and finish as fast as possible. Because it will be very hard to sustain and finish in the late game without mm.
Mobile Legends Ling Guide Mid Game
Mid Game Positioning

Late Game

  1. In the late game, Ling becomes unstoppable but still try not to engage alone. If you see any enemy soloing try to kill him first. If they have any late-game heroes like Aldous, Cecellion, and Moskov, tell the tank to mark them first.
  2. Continue taking the buffs and go for the enemy base if you get any chance. If the enemy team started dominating the late game, tell the Solo laners to stay in the gank and you split push a lane. But don’t continue split pushing if your teammates are dying continuously.
  3. Don’t allow the enemy to take the lord, You should take the lord instead. In the late game engage last in the gank.
  4. The tank should engage first, then the solo laners and you engage in the last and finish the game off.
Mobile Legends Ling Guide Late Game
Late Game positioning

Countering Ling Hyper

In order to counter Ling Hyper carry, we guide to the basic moves and positioning according to your game in Mobile Legends.

Basic Tips

  1. To counter Ling, the most effective way is to take away his buffs. As Ling highly depends on the blue buff try to invade and take away the blue buff first. Ling without blue buff becomes crippled or limited.
  2. You also need to team pick carefully against ling hyper carry. Don’t pick food for Ling.
  3. Try to pick some strong mid-lane early game heroes like Valir, Zhask, and Lou Yi. So that you can easily invade their buffs.
  4. Try to pick Hylos or Grock. They are the best tanks to invade. Try not to pick a marksman. Trust me they are just-food.
  5. And try to pick a strong late-game hero too if possible.

Early Game

In the early game start by clearing the minions and invading the blue buff right away. Don’t take youre carry with you let him secure you’re own farm first to get the gold lead. Tank, mage and fighter will be enough to steal the buffs.

After stealing the first blue buff Ling’s early game will be slowed down. So focus on pushing the sidelanes as fast as you can. If you manage to secure at least 1tower before 5mins you will get the upper hand and can easily dominate the early ganks. Ask youre carry to gank the turtle and secure it.

Mid Game

In the mid game if Ling starts to dominate, mark him badly. While ganking wait for ling to jump. When he jumps he will probably use some basic attacks before using his ultimate, use that time to surround him and kill him first. Always remember to take ling away from his team or else he will get the tank support and finish everyone up. While marking Ling wait for him to jump first and use the CD of his first skill to stop him from running away. Kill him in instant or he will get away in the first chance he gets.

Late Game

In the late game, there is a very minimum chance for ling to be killed, but still, u can bait and ambush him. That’s the only way to kill Lin in the late game. CC is another thing that can kill ling in the late game. So picking a CC is a must if you wanna late game against Ling.

That’s all for today’s guide about Ling in Mobile Legends. Do you prefer to Hyper carry Ling in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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