Mobile Legends announces changes to the Mythic Ranked and MMR Score System

Bunch of new changes are coming to the game!

MOONTON Games has officially given out insights into the upcoming changes that are to be made to the Mythic Ranked system as well as some few optimizations to the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) of players in the Ranked match system of Mobile Legends. Without much further ado, let’s check out some upcoming updates to the MMR and Ranked system.

MOONTON aims to further optimize the current Matchmaking Rating System

The developers intend to add new interesting rules to the Matchmaking Score System. This is to make it fairer for hardworking players who devote much time to ranking. A new perk that would be added to the MMR score system is that the MMR score increase will now decrease with a higher rank.

It’s much easier for a lower rank player to have a higher score rating. So the more such player ranks up the lower the MMR score he obtains per every won the ranked match. Hence, when a such player reaches a higher ranked level over time, he/she would have gathered much experience to hold the titles attached to his/her MMR. 

Mobile Legends MMR Mythic Ranked changes
Image via MOONTON Games

The developers also intend to make some changes to the rules for obtaining Season skins in the Season Journey. It’ll make it much more accessible for more players to obtain. An official tally from the developers shows that ever since the Season 27 Update, 50M players have obtained the season exclusive skin and 20% of players on the leaderboards have won their first-ever Provincial titles in the current season. 

The update will also introduce new changes in the Mythic Ranked System

Starting from the debut of the S27 ranked update, the developers have been making numerous adjustments and changes to the ranked system. Given this, the developers have come up with new intriguing improvements to players’ ranked match experience in the upcoming new Seasons. The improvements include:

Mobile Legends MMR Mythic Ranked changes
Image via MOONTON Games
  • An introduction of a new Mythic Score system to increase the match fairness in Mythic matchups. So Rather than Mythic Point, it would now be Mythic Stars. Though not much is known about the new grading system, we do look forward to getting to know more about it.
Mobile Legends MMR Mythic Ranked changes
Image via MOONTON Games
  • The developers intend to Add New Rank between Mythic and Mythical Glory. In addition to this, the developers also intend to add new exclusive achievement rewards for players who have attained any of these three ranks and also add a new display logo for Mythical Glory players.
  • The Optimization of the Journey rewards
  • The developers will now be designing new exclusive skins for players who have reached Mythic Rank. The skin design would also be created from players’ reviews, they would be voted for by players too.
  • Revamp placement matches: The developers intend to optimize the matchmaking experience during Placement matches as well as the system feedback experience after Victory. This is to balance the matchmaking experience between Ranks.


These few insights given to us by the Developers are a sign that the Ranked system and its rewards system are about to get a whole more intriguing for players. So whilst we wait, for more info as regards the new upcoming changes, do try to Rank up and gather a higher MMR rating before the season ends.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming changes to MMR and Mythic Ranked System in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comments below!

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