Mobile Legends introduces revamped Mini Map to optimize gameplay experience

It keeps getting better and better!

As an ever-growing Multiplayer Online Battlefield Arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) developers are always looking to improve the game to help players have a better overall experience while playing. Recently, the developers have announced 3 notable changes to the minimap that have been made to optimize the gameplay experience for all players, no matter if you are climbing from Warrior or a seasoned Mythic veteran. Without further ado, let’s dive into the further details of this revamped mini map in Mobile Legends.

Features of the Mobile Legends Revamped Mini Map

Visible Hero HP

Mobile Legends Revamped Mini Map
Hero HP will now be visible in Mobile Legends

In previous versions, players who are not used to paying attention to the map often miss out on subtle cues when a team fight is about to happen. Simply seeing that your teammate and the enemy are close to each other on the mini-map does not provide much information, unless you scroll over to that area of the battleground and actually see them fighting each other. With this new feature, all your allies’ HP are visible from their head icons on the mini-map, as well as the HP of any enemy heroes that are visible to you or your teammates. This feature makes it way easier to gauge whether a fight is going on and whether you need to ditch that jungle creep and head over straight away to provide some much-needed support.

Spawn timers of Jungle Creeps

Mobile Legends Revamped Mini Map
Spawn timers of Jungle Creeps is now enabled in this revamped Mini map

Another major revamp to the mini-map is a timer for the Core Guard and Serpent. Previously, the jungle pit would have a grey indicator to signify that the creep will be spawning soon, first appearing at 15 seconds before spawn. However, this makes it hard to determine how long the grey dot has been there, as not all of us are always paying attention to the minimap, and focus mostly on the battlefield. With this new feature, heroes and especially Junglers are able to gauge whether to prepare to secure a creep on your area of the map or to prepare an ambush in the enemy’s jungle. Whichever the case, this timer is indeed a very helpful feature for all MLBB players.

Automatic Shifting of the Camera

Mobile Legends Revamped Mini Map
Automatic Shifting of the camera is now enabled in this revamped Mini map

In a fast-paced MOBA like Mobile Legends, dying is one of the worst parts of a match. This s because you will have to wait for some time to respawn and rejoin your teammates on the battlefield. Most of the time, you will probably spend your time dead yelling at your teammates (physically or in the chatbox). Or you might be browsing the shop for your next item, or looking at the death replay. With this newest feature, you can certainly be more productive while being dead at the same time. You can watch your teammates’ backs when they are on the map now. Moreover, you can help them by looking at the surroundings for any oncoming ambushes.


With that being said, these are the 3 changes brought in the revamped mini-map in the recent MLBB update. They are definitely much-needed changes, and hopefully, there will be more to come to improve the game’s experience even further. I hope this article was helpful, and that you will know a great deal more about how to use the minimap more effectively in games now, so good luck in your next match!

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