Mobile Legends July 2022 Creation Camp Update: New optimized Survival mode, lobby rankings and more

Extra fun and action incoming!

MOONTON Games has announced that a new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang update is coming to the popular Creation Camp game mode for July 2022. This update is scheduled to release alongside the Necrokeep Revamped heroes coming to the original Server on June 28, 2022.

This new update would bring about the introduction of some new functions in-game while also optimizing some gameplay functions. This update would also grant us Free Creation Camp ticket that can be used to create a lobby during our customized matches. So without much further Ado, let’s check out more details about the update coming to Creation Camp.

Mobile Legends July 2022 Creation Camp Update

Free Rewards

Mobile Legends July 2022 Creation Camp update is bringing an event that would let players be able to get rewards. These rewards can be obtained when players exchange fragments they get from the events for any of these rewards. The rewards are: 

Mobile Legends July 2022 Creation Camp rewards
  • Creation Camp Ticket: Used by lobby hosts to start a game mode in the Creation camp. Without it, one can’t play with friends or the general public.
  • Dice: Used to change random heroes given to one when playing game modes like Brawl.
  • Double Exp Card: Used to gain double-level experience, making it quite easier to level up one’s game account easily.

Optimized Gameplay

Mobile Legends July 2022 optimized gameplay

Some adjustments have been made to the Survival mode gameplay, just to make the game feel much more intriguing and interesting for players. The adjustments are made to areas like:

  • Lord Respawn Frequency
  • Playzone Shrinking Speed
  • Item Drop Rates
  • Creep HP
  • Creep Attack
  • Creep Chase Distance

New Rankings

For players who search for interesting lobby stats and gameplay, there’s good news as the update is going to add more features that would make it easier to find an intriguing Creation Camp lobby. One of the new features to be added is the new gameplay ranking which displays varieties of game modes that is available under Creation Camp.

Mobile Legends July 2022 Creation Camp Update

Another new feature is the Popularity ranking which displays different grades of lobby making it easier to find a lobby that best suits one’s taste, as there are grades like:

  • Popular
  • Recent, and
  • Trending

Final Thoughts

The upcoming July 2022 Creation Camp update will surely make players feel more intrigued about playing this fun mode as the improvements are highly essential to make the game better and more fun. So gear up and fire up your creativity.

What are your thoughts on the Mobile Legends July 2022 Creation Camp Update? Let us know in the comments below.

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