Mobile Legends: The complete Creation Camp guide and tips

Creation Camp is now available for all the players!

The much-awaited Creation Camp in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is finally available on the original server as of April 12, 2022. It was only open to creators on the advanced server, but now it is available to all the players on the official server.

Creation Camp mode in Mobile Legends

Creation camp is a game mode found in the custom mode in the lobby. In the Creation camp, players are the game designers themselves, as they can make their game modes with custom rules and settings determined by them.

Players can change many game rules like reducing the cooldown of skills to 0, increasing health by a lot, increasing the movement speed of all, making mirror mode, and many more custom settings to tweak and make fun game modes of their own.

How to play Creation Camp in Mobile Legends

Upon entering the Creation camp, players will come across various creation camp lobbies in the lobby list panel. MLBB players have created these lobbies that have different rules made by them.

Mobile legends Creation Mode lobby
Image via MOONTON

Players can join these creation camp lobbies, which may be open for all or might require a password as set by the player hosting them. Players can also filter the different game modes and change the server region.

Mobile legends Creation
Image via MOONTON

Besides the lobby list panel, there is also the Featured panel in the creation camp which includes new and old Arcade game modes and some of the old Modes of mobile legends like survival, Chess TD, etc., which haven’t been released for a while.

Creation Mode Trending Panel
Image via MOONTON

The Trending panel of the creation camp includes other players’ popular and highly-rated game modes. Players can also copy the gameplay set as Public and create a lobby of their own with custom tweaks from here.

How to create Custom game modes in Creation Camp

From the Custom panel in the Creator Camp, players can use their imagination and creativity to design their gameplay from scratch.

Mobile legends Creation Mode
Image via MOONTON

When players click the + button in the custom panel, they will get an entirely new interface. Players can change all the settings in the game mode from here.

Mobile legends Basic Panel Creator Mode
Image via MOONTON

From the Basic panel, players can choose the winning condition of their custom mode, which can either be the normal destroying of the base or a team deathmatch where the team achieving the required no of takedowns first wins the match. Players can also select the map from here and determine the total number of players participating in either of the teams.

Mobile legends Creation Mode
Image via MOONTON

Players can configure the type of hero selection, battle spells, emblems, and switching hero settings from the Hero Selection subpanel.

Mobile legends Creation Mode
Image via MOONTON

From the Other sub-panel, players can configure very minute settings of the game like the size, Hp, movement speed and attack of minions, and creeps and settings of the equipment.

Mobile legends Battle panel
Image via MOONTON

In the Battle panel, players can configure different settings for each team like Cooldown, Mana regen, Max Hp, Movement speed, Attack speed, etc.

Mobile legends Other Battle panel
Image via MOONTON

Players can configure the basic game settings like gold, exp, respawn, and level in the Other Panel. Players will have many settings they can tweak from each panel, like passive gold income, initial gold, passive XP gain, respawn time, etc.

Mobile legends creation mode heroes panel
Image via MOONTON

The Heroes panel is where players can change different aspects of a hero like the damage they deal, the damage they take, and other special abilities.

Mobile legends creation mode
Image via MOONTON

After configuring the settings and tweaking different mechanics, players can save their gameplay and make the lobby. However, players will need a Mobile Legends Creation camp ticket to make the lobby.

How to get Creation Camp Tickets

Players can purchase Creation Camp tickets for 50 diamonds. They can also receive a free Creation Camp ticket from the ongoing Creation Camp event by completing tasks to obtain a victory necklace.

Mobile legends creation mode Ticket
Image via MOONTON

Players can exchange 4 of the victory necklaces for a free Creation Camp ticket. Players can join a custom lobby made by a friend for free and don’t require any Creation Camp tickets but, they need to have the lobby ID and password to join.

Final Thoughts

Since Creation camp is a completely different game mode found in the lobby. It won’t affect the number of games played by the players, their win rates, or achievements. Therefore do keep in mind you won’t be able to complete your achievements through the Creation Camp in Mobile Legends. Additionally, you can create only one gameplay with a single Creation Camp Ticket. You will need further tickets to create more gameplays.

Did you find our Mobile Legends Creation Camp guide useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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