Mobile Legends leaks: Upcoming skins for August 2021

Which skins will you be getting?

As Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues in its journey as a fast-paced 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battlefield Arena (MOBA) game, more and more fantastic skins are being created and released each month. In August 2021, Mobile Legends has already announced a cheeky sneak peek of the skins to come later this month. The top 3 best skins to get this month will be discussed. Additionally, we will be taking a walkthrough through the approximate release date of the skins, their price, and future availability.

Mobile Legends: Upcoming skins for August 2021

1. Lancelot “BREN Esports”

Mobile Legends August 2021 Skins
Lancelot “BREN Esports” skin (Image by Moonton)

This Lancelot skin is definitely one to keep an eye out for. It is one of the skins that is for sure worth it. As a result of the victory at the M2 World Championship, BREN Esports had reserved the right to select both the champion and contribute to the skin design to celebrate their victory. This dazzling skin forever memorializes BREN as a fierce competitor in the MLBB professional scene

Mobile Legends August 2021 Skins
Bren Esports Skin Presale Event (Image by Moonton)

A good way to get this skin for a good price is through the Bren Esports Presale event. From the default price of 899 Diamonds, players are eligible to cut down this price to just 499 Diamonds. To do this, players must complete a set of tasks. These include the likes of using the skin in a game, asking friends for help, and helping other friends. The Lancelot skin is set to be on sale on the 9th of August, 2021. It will cost the amount after the received discounted amount is deducted from the Presale event. 

2. Balmond “God of Mountains

Another Collector event will be coming soon in Mobile Legends in the month of August 2021, featuring a Balmond Skin as the main reward. This skin has been in the stash for a long time, being a survey-winner skin all the way back from 2018. Finally, Moonton is bringing light to this skin after being stored away for a long time. We will see Balmond players rejoice as this now meta hero gets a shiny new skin. In addition, Alice’s “Wizardry Teacher” and Fanny’s “Skylark” are also claimable in this Collector event. The Collector event is likely to debut on the 5th of August. It will cost players anywhere from 3000 to 6000 Diamonds or Crystals of Aurora. 

3. Wanwan “E-girl”

Mobile Legends August 2021 Skins
Wanwan “E-girl” skin (Image by Moonton)

Lastly, this Wanwan “E-girl skin” is the best bet for players who missed out on Wanwan’s Collector “Pixel Blast” skin. An array of colorful shards shoots out with this skin, not to the extent of the cartoonish Pixel Blast, but enough to light up the entire battlefield. At 749 Diamonds as a Special Skin, it is worth picking up for Wanwan mains. The skin is set to release around mid-August, on the 14th.

Other skins

Other notable skins are the reruns of Odette “Virgo” and Moskov “Twilight Dragon”, an upcoming hero in Aulus and his Basic Skin. They have also announced the long-awaited Transformers event on the 24th of August, 2021. 

  • August 1: Luo Yi – Siren Priestess (August 2021 Starlight) Skin 550 Diamonds
  • August 5: Tigreal – Gold Baron (Special) Skin 749 Diamonds
  • August 23: Odette – Virgo Z(odiac) Skin (Available in the Zodiac Summon Event)
  • August 24: Transformers: Linkage Opening Limited-Time Event ( This includes Johnson – Optimus Prime, X.Borg – Bumblebee and Granger – Megatron)
  • August 25: Moskov – Twilight Dragon (Epic) Skin Limited-Time Comeback 899 Diamonds
  • August 27: Aulus – Warrior of Ferocity + Aulus – Beserker (Basic) Skin

That’s all for the upcoming skins for August 2021 in Mobile Legends. Do you prefer to use Dyrroth in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Jeanwin Majadas

Can you please Make A skin for Faramis? Years pass and yet he still seems to have a new skin just a Starlight skin or sort of elite? Please?


Hi, I wanna ask abt the Ulti wanwan through Karina’s skill one, I knew that wanwan’s Ulti is simply by her basic attack. But I think it is doesn’t fair cause, Lesley’s Ulti can use against Karina’s skill one… So, I think this is a bug right?

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