Mobile Legends M3 Pass: Regular and Exclusive Pass Rewards and how to get Level Rewards

Great news for Roger mains!

The wait is finally over for all the Roger mains out there as the Mobile Legends M3 Pass has arrived as of November 29. The M3 Pass will be available till January 2, 2022, during which players can complete tasks in the M3 Pass to gain quite a good amount of rewards. Players who will be purchasing the M3 Pass have a plethora of pass rewards at their disposal which we will be covering here as well as multiple regular rewards. 

Mobile Legends M3 Pass Rewards Overview

M3 Pass Regular Rewards

Yes, you read it right! The M3 Pass will be rewarding regular players who have not bought the pass for simply leveling up in the Pass by completing the daily and weekly tasks. Let’s check out the regular rewards packed in this M3 Pass.

Mobile Legends M3 Pass
M3 Pass Rewards Overview

Players are able to receive the M3 Battle Emote, M3 Avatar Border, M3 Roger Emote, M3 Glorious Arrival, and Return Special Effects, a few Custom Actions like Clint’s Forced Smile, Harley’s Mock, Lancelot’s Salute, and the all-new Emerald Guardian Special skin of Belerick.

M3 Pass Unlock Rewards

Players who have bought the M3 Pass will receive a few premium rewards on top of the regular rewards. Players upon purchasing M3 Pass can immediately claim the Roger M3 Exclusive Skin “Phantom Ranger” right after the purchase and get 10% more Pass EXP for completing tasks.

Players who will purchase the M3 Premium Pass besides enjoying all the benefits and privileges of the M3 Pass will also get the Trail Effect “M3 Glorious Trail”, Roger Custom Action “Interesting”, and 3000 extra Pass EXP.

Mobile Legends M3 Pass
M3 Pass Unlock Rewards

M3 Exclusive “Phantom Ranger” Skin

Undeniably one of the best Roger skins released to date, Roger mains just can’t get over fawning over this skin. Players will receive this skin right after purchasing the M3 Pass.

Mobile Legends M3 Pass
M3 Exclusive “Phantom Ranger” Skin

M3 Savage Return Recall Effect

This is a pretty cool-looking Recall effect with the head of Roger in wolf transformation howling. Players will receive the M3 Savage Return Recall Effect as a reward for reaching level 55 in the M3 Pass.

M3 Savage Return Recall Effect

Leveling up in the M3 Pass will also reward the players with Lucky M3 Recall Chest which can also drop the M3 Savage Return Permanent Recall Effect or a 1-Day trial card. On top of this, each chest opened increases the probability of receiving the Permanent Recall effect by 7%.

M3 Prime “Fiend Haunter” Skin

Well if just the Phantom Ranger wasn’t enough to appease the Roger mains, the M3 Prime Fiend Haunter Skin will surely do the trick. Players will be receiving the M3 Prime “Fiend Haunter” Skin on reaching level 75 in the M3 Pass.

M3 Prime “Fiend Haunter” Skin

Be it the premium-looking Skin model, Display animation, or the skin effects in-game, the MLBB Art and Design Team has left no stones unturned with this skin right here.

M3 Fiend Haunter Exclusive Trail Effect

This all-new first of its type Trail Effect leaves a shiny trail effect behind heroes when they have enhanced movement speed like after leaving the Base fountain. Players will receive the M3 Fiend Haunter Exclusive Trail Effect as a reward for reaching level 85 in the M3 Pass.

M3 Fiend Haunter Exclusive Trail Effect

M3 Prime Avatar Border

Players on reaching Level 130 in the M3 Pass will receive the M3 Prime Avatar Border.

Avatar Borders

M1 Exclusive “King of Supremacy” Skin

Players can also get the M1 Exclusive “King of Supremacy” Skin of Aldous. Players will be receiving Chest of Glory as rewards for leveling up in the M3 Pass. 

M1 Exclusive “King of Supremacy” Skin

These Chest of Glory can drop the “King of Supremacy” Permanent Skin or a 1-Day trial card. However, it is guaranteed to drop the Permanent skin after opening 16 Chests of Glory.

M3 Roger Model Figure

Players can get their hands on the M3 Roger Model Figure which can only be obtained by upgrading the M3 Pass to Level 150. MLBB Team will be collecting the shipping info from players on January 3 and the Roger Model Figurine will be delivered to players before June 30, 2022.

How to get Level Rewards in the Mobile Legends M3 Pass

Players will get pass EXP by completing the Pass tasks and participating in the Championship events to upgrade the Pass and get lots of rewards. Pass tasks are divided into daily and weekly tasks. Daily tasks refresh at 00:00 daily, while weekly tasks refresh at 00:00 every Monday. 

Players can also support their favorite team to get lots of Pass EXP. Players have 1 free support attempt per day and can purchase more attempts with Diamonds. To get additional M3 Pass EXP players can log in on certain dates in-game to claim lots of M3 Pass EXP.

Date-wise login rewards

Throughout the duration of the M3 Pass, several in-game events will take place and players can participate in these events to gain ever more M3 Pass EXP.

M3 Pass Rewards

Players who would like to easily level up their way through the M3 Pass without grinding too much can also take the easy way out by spending a few diamonds.

How to purchase Pass EXP

Final Thoughts

The M3 Pass is a must-buy for any Roger mains out there. The Roger Skins alone make the Pass quite rewarding not including the Trail, Recall effects, and Custom actions. If you have the diamonds to spend, you should definitely go ahead and get the M3 Pass as no matter how you see it has insane value for money. 

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