Mobile Legends Belerick Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

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Belerick, the Guardian of Nature is one of the best tanks in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He specializes in crowd control and regeneration. On top of his high durability, his ability to taunt enemies makes Belerick perfect for ganking and initiating team fights. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will be taking a look at Belerick and his Skills, Best Build, Emblem, and Spells, along with gameplay tips that will guarantee a higher chance at winning and becoming the MVP of the team!

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Skill Analysis

Belerick has a set of 4 skills-one passive and three active skills. Now let us check out his skills to get in-depth knowledge about the skill prioritization orders. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will also talk about the skills to use in certain scenarios as well as skill combos to be able to play Belerick to his truest potential.

Passive – Deadly Thorns

passive belerick

Belerick upon receiving 50 damage, has a 25% chance to attack in the direction of the nearest enemy unit, dealing Magic Damage equal to 120-260 + 2% of his Max HP (scales with level). This passive can be only triggered once every 0.4 seconds. Belerick also receives an increased 40% HP from Equipment items bought.

Skill 1 – Ancient Seed


skill 1 belerick

Belerick releases vines in a designated direction, dealing 200 / 220 / 240 / 260 / 280 / 300 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in the path and slow them down by 25%. Meanwhile, Belerick leaves Ancient Seed on the path. After 1 second, these seeds will burst and deal 200 / 220 / 240 / 260 / 280 / 300 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies on the path and taunt them for 1.2 seconds. The taunt forces affected enemies to attack him and 80% extra damage will be dealt with minions.

Skill 2 – Natures Strike

Speed up/Buff

skill 2 belerick

When using this skill Belerick increases his movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds and strengthens his next Basic Attack. The enhanced Basic Attack deals 300 / 330 / 360 / 390 / 420 / 450 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and slows the target by 60% for 1.4 seconds. Belerick also regenerates HP equal to 240 / 288 / 336 / 384 / 432 / 480 + 10% of his lost HP.

Skill 3 (Ultimate) – Wrath of Dryad


ultimate belerick

Belerick casts vines around him, immobilizing enemies hit for 2 seconds and dealing damage to them for 4 times. Each time dealing 100 / 150 / 200 (+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage with a total damage of 400 / 600 / 800 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Skill-up method for Belerick

Unlock Ancient Seed (First Skill) followed by the Natures Strike (Second Skill). Unlock Wrath of Dryad (Ultimate) at level 4 and then prioritize upgrading the First Skill. Upgrade your Ultimate when available.

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Belerick in Mobile Legends


Belerick can be played both as an offlaner and a roamer. Belerick is a pretty good roamer. Although he struggles in the early game, with the proper build he absolutely dominates in the late game.

Roamer Emblem Setup

This is the ideal emblem setup when playing Belerick as a roamer. Take Vitality in Tier 1 which increases max vitality by 65/130/200 HP. Take Inspire in Tier 2 which reduces skill cooldown by 2.50/5.00/8.00.

roamer emblem setup Mobile Legends Belerick Guide
Custom Roamer Emblem of Roamer Belerick

Finally, at the final tier take Tenacity talent which increases Physical and magical resistance by 35 points when HP is below 40%.

Battle Spells


On use petrifies nearby enemies for 0.8 seconds, dealing 115 (+15 × Hero Level) Magic Damage. Petrify adds another CC to Belerick. You can CC chain with Petrify and Wrath of Dryad (Ultimate) to disable your enemy team for almost 3 seconds which can be followed up by your team easily.


After using, in the next 3 seconds, each time the hero takes damage deals 50 + 25% of the damage taken as Magic Damage to the enemy. Gains 35% Damage Reduction during the period. This works well with Belerick when initiating a teamfight and tanking for your squishy teammates.


Belerick can also be used to play as an offlaner in the XP lane. His early game is a little weak and he should be used to poke the enemies and leave his lane only when required for teamfights. However, after a few items, he can dominate his lane.

Offlaner Emblem Setup

This is the ideal emblem setup when playing Belerick as an Offlaner. Take Vitality in Tier 1 which increases max vitality by 65/130/200 HP. Take Inspire in Tier 2 which reduces skill cooldown by 2.50/5.00/8.00.

offlaner emblem setup Mobile Legends Belerick Guide
Custom Offlaner Emblem of Offlaner Belerick

Finally, at Tier 3 take Concussive Blast talent which deals 125+(+7%HP) Magic Damage as AoE, 1s after a basic attack. This has an internal cooldown of 15 secs.

Battle Spells

Flicker is a great blink skill that comes in handy when escaping dire situations or chasing fleeing enemies. This spell works great for Belerick when playing him as an offlaner. Flicker added with his Second skill adds decent mobility to his kit.

Best Builds for Belerick in Mobile Legends

When playing Belerick as a Roamer buy Conceal blessed Tough or Warrior boots depending upon your enemies. Conceal will be unlocked after earning 600 gold from the roaming equipment. Conceal active skill conceals nearby allied heroes and increases their movement speed by 30%-75% for 5s or until taking damage. This works well when ganking enemies or retreating as well. Do not buy roaming blessed movement items when playing as an offlaner.

Roamer Build

roamer build belerick
Roamer Build for Belerick

The Cursed Helmet deals 2% of the Hero’s max HP as Magic Damage to nearby targets. This helps in lane clearing as well as damaging enemies around you. Oracle increases the HP regen effect by 30% which increases Belerick’s sustainability. Immortality resurrects 2.5 seconds after death with 20% Max HP and 220-1200 points of the shield which lasts for 3s. This has a 210s internal cooldown. The passive of Dominance reduces the Shield and HP Regen of nearby enemy heroes by 50% (excluding those affected by Life Drain) and their Attack Speed by 30%. This is an anti-heal item against life steal or shield absorption heroes.

Offlane Build

offlane build belerick
Offlane Build for Belerick

Guardian Helmet Regenerates 1.5% of hero’s Max HP. Eliminating enemy heroes raises the regeneration rate by 0.4%, while assists raise the rate by 0.2% (includes eliminations and Assists prior to purchase), up to 3.5%. This effect wears off after 5s of the hero taking damage. This item is an immense help to roamers.

While roaming out of combat this regenerates HP which helps to not to recall to base every time health is low. Core Defense items like Antique Cuirass, Athena’s shield, Radiant Armor can also be built as per situation and opponent team comp.

Mobile Legends Belerick Gameplay Tips

As discussed earlier, Belerick specializes in crowd control and regeneration. Our Mobile Legends Belerick guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero.

Early Game

Belerick struggles in the early game as he needs items, so he truly starts to shine in the mid and late game. So, in the early game try to poke and harass as much as possible and avoid team fights. While roaming as well keep providing vision but don’t engage in futile fights unnecessarily.

Belerick MLBB gameplay Mobile Legends Belerick Guide
Belerick in the MLBB battlefield

Once you have built your first defense item you can start engaging in fights, however still avoid taking 1v1s head-on and only engage if you have teammates to follow up. Use your Skill 2 to get into a fight or initiate one followed up by your Skill 1 which taunts the enemies into attacking you. Follow this up with your Ultimate which immobilizes the enemies for 2 seconds. This is the ideal way you should use your skills.

Mid Game

With two or three core items built, Belerick can be good in teamfights however only if you have teammates to follow up after you. Use your Skill 2 wisely to gank, chase or retreat. The movement speed Skill 2 provides helps Belerick to rotate faster from one lane to another. Belerick’s Ultimate is best used in teamfights along with his Skill 1 which taunts enemies is ideal for initiating teamfights and focusing on opponent core heroes.

Late Game

This is when Belerick truly outshines, with most of his core items built he can take the brunt of the enemy team and safely sustain through the fight.

Skill Belerick gameplay MLBB Mobile Legends Belerick Guide
Belerick gameplay in Mobile Legends

Provide vision, initiate teamfights where teammates can follow up, and most importantly try to protect your team’s core damage dealers safe.

Heroes that counter BelerickHeroes Belerick can counter

Final Thoughts

Belerick is one of the best tanks that is very useful in teamfights because of his ability to provide Immobilize effects to nearby enemies. That way you and your teammates can finish off enemies easily. However, playing Belerick requires teamwork and good coordination. Hence, to play solo, Belerick is not the best choice because the other teammates tend to play independently in their respective lanes without regard to the team, except when a teamfight occurs. The guide here will help you out on how to maximize the most out of Belerick in Mobile Legends. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Belerick Guide. Do you prefer to use Belerick in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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