Mobile Legends: Magic Wheel system is getting an overhaul with changes

The Magic Wheel is getting a major revamp!

In Mobile Legends, the Magic Wheel is a chance spin event that offers the chance to win skins, pieces, and diamonds. A Magic Crystal, the ultimate prize, can be used to pay for a Legend skin. Players will need to use diamonds or a Crystal of Arora to spin the Magic Wheel. In this article, we will discuss the use of Magic Wheel System and its overhaul and different changes in Mobile Legends.

Players need 60 diamonds or COA to spin once, and five draws cost 270 diamonds or COA. The likelihood of obtaining a Magic Crystal is extremely slim. However, you are certain to win a Magic Crystal if you spin the Magic Wheel 200 times.

Mobile Legends: Magic Wheel overhaul and its changes

Equivalent Magic Cores

Mobile Legends Magic Wheel overhaul shop
Image via MOONTON Games

Magic points and Crystal will be converted into equivalent magic cores. Players having 50 magic points will be turned into 50 magic cores and a magic crystal will be converted into 200 magic cores. Players can get e legend skin with 200 magic cores. The Adjustments will arrive on 08/08 on the official server.

New items in the Magic Shop

Magic shop changes items
Image via MOONTON Games

Along with these changes, there will be new items in the magic shop. Eight new exclusive trail effects and eight new custom actions of the existing Legend skins will be added in the magic shop, which players can get by the magic cores.

Will the new Magic Shop will be cheaper

Each draw on the redesigned Magic Wheel now has a chance to yield 5 magic cores rather than just 1 magic point. Until the drop rate is checked on the Official Server, it is still difficult to say whether the new magic wheel will be more expensive or less expensive, given the recent adjustments.

Final Thoughts

The changes are still in the Advanced server. It is hard to say if the new adjustments will make the Legend skin cheaper or more expensive. Players have to wait till the update arrives on the official server and some popular Youtubers to test it.

Are you excited about the upcoming Magic Wheel Overhaul in Mobile Legends? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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