Mobile Legends October 2022 update brings changes to MMR, Leaderboards Ranking, and more

Various new changes coming in Mobile Legends!

MOONTON Games has recently posted on their social media platforms about some upcoming changes to players’ Matchmaking Rating (MMR). MOONTON Games has undergone various reworks and changes to the MMR, Hero Power, and Neighborhood Leaderboards. Let’s check out the upcoming changes to the MMR and Leaderboards Ranking System in the October 2022 update of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The developers hope to create a well-balanced and fair leaderboard environment in which players’ achievements can be displayed and easily accessed by the general public. Hence, establishing such players’ strengths or gaming prowess in the region or neighborhood the player belongs to.

Mobile Legends brings changes to the MMR Ratings and Score System in October 2022 update

A player’s Matchmaking Rating (MMR), is the statistics of such player’s wins or losses in matches played throughout the account history. This statistic is a value that determines the gameplay prowess/skill level of each player. Winning increases a player’s MMR while losing decreases it. Players with the highest ratings are listed in-game in the Global Leaderboards ranking. Some of the upcoming changes are:

  • The MMR algorithm will be replaced by the new Hero Power algorithm. The “Leaderboards – Hero – Global” and “Leaderboards – Street” rankings will be merged as a new, upgraded system: the new ‘Hero Power Leaderboard’ (temporary name). Hero Power will be ranked in this system on a global, national, provincial, city and neighborhood basis (to be updated weekly).
  • The developers are adding a cap to different Hero Power score ranks to prevent certain players from intentionally lowering their ranks to easily attain Hero Power score.
  • Hero Power will tail off as each season refreshes, and automatically start to drop if a hero hasn’t been used for a long time. A portion of the score lost will be returned if the player returns to using that hero again.
Mobile Legends October 2022 update
Image via MOONTON Games
  • The developers are planning on improving how players gain or lose Hero Power, making sure to take different scenarios into account. They’re placing more emphasis on fairness with this new algorithm, taking more factors into account to avoid an overly absolutist “victories get you points, losing takes them away” approach.
  • All ‘Hero Power Leaderboard’ (temporary name) titles gained will be available to be displayed permanently in the player’s Profile.
  • The developers aim to maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy for anyone found intentionally lowering their ranks, fraudulently entering leaderboards, etc., and will be monitoring this closely while punishing those who break the rules to keep the game fair.
  • Lastly, on introducing this new algorithm, the developers would also be re-calculating Hero Power in the new version based on one’s history. The “Top 10 List” will be unavailable during this optimization period.

Final Thoughts

As we look forward to a much more free, fair, and balanced gaming community in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. We sure do hope that more insightful changes and balances are made. 

What are your thoughts about the Mobile Legends October 2022 update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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