Mobile Legends Paquito: Hero overview, Skill analysis, and release date

Paquito, the Heavenly Fist, is designed and presented as a traditional boxer in Mobile Legends, mostly seen in popular MMA tournaments. He is the new hero introduced in the latest patch of the advanced server of Mobile Legends (MLBB). The origin of Paquito is attached to a small village of Moniyan empire where Paquito decided to be the strongest in the world to survive the hardship of life. As he traveled through the land of despair and grew in his determination to be the strongest, he fought against evil and injustice, giving people hope, and was ultimately called the heavenly fist. In this article, let’s just analyze the abilities of Paquito to see what is his main role and his skills.


Passive – Champ Stance

Paquito build stacks when damaging enemies with his  Basic Attacks or casting skills. Once this stack reaches 4, he enters Champ Stance: enhancing Paquito’s next skill and skipping its cooldown. Paquito excels in his technique and has a higher Attack Speed. However, each of his  Basic Attacks only deals (+80% Total Physical Attack)Physical Damage. Paquito gains Movement Speed by 30% for 2 seconds after casting the enhanced skill.

Skill 1 – Parry (Buff)

Paquito can Parry for up 2 secondsreducing his damage taken by 30% / 32% / 34% / 36% / 38% / 40% and increasing Movement Speed by 30%Use Again: throws forth a heavy blow, dealing 220 / 240 / 260 / 280 / 300 / 320 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage

Champ Stance Enhanced: Lengthens max Parry duration to 3 secondsincreases damage reduction to 60% / 64% / 68% / 72% / 76% / 80% and Movement Speed boost to 60%. Paquito launches a hook afterward that deals 330 / 360 / 390 / 420 / 450 / 480 (+90% Total Physical Attack) damage.

Paquito dashes forth and throws a jab, dealing 420 / 480 / 540 / 600 / 660 / 720 (+120% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to all enemies within the area of effect.

Champ Stance Enhanced: Gives Paquito’s jab even more striking force, dealing 735 / 840 / 945 / 1050 / 1155 / 1260 (+210% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies within area of effect.

Ultimate Skill – Annihilation Strike (CC, Burst)

Paquito launches an elbow strike to all enemies in front, dealing 125 / 150 / 175 (+105% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and pushing them to the destination. He then swings a haymaker at rapid speed, dealing 400 / 500 / 600 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and slowing targets by 75% for 1 second, as he darts backward.

Champ Stance Enhanced: Having pushed enemies to the destination, Paquito launches an uppercut, dealing 600 / 750 / 900 (+150% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and knocking his enemies airborne instead of slowing them

Skill Analysis and Hero Overview

The new patch notes have certainly made some changes on the stats of Paquito but the core gameplay is still there. Paquito is best suited for 1vs1 and 1vs2 or maybe 1vs3 during early to mid-game.

Mobile Legends Paquito

The skill reflects that he has high damage output with damage reduction. The skill also boosts the movement speed and not to mention the dash effect that comes in with the damage output. The execution of the skills shows that insane combos are evident that can provide instant kill of the opponents. But the ease of using Paquito is set to be in the difficulty range. The initial gameplay suggests Paquito will dominate in the early game with proper handling.

Mobile Legends Paquito
Paquito in 1vs3

The ultimate skill is dedicated to CC and does damage to all enemies in the range, but the width of the area of CC is very small. So, it is to be executed accurately to have a better effect.

Mobile Legends Paquito
Paquito dominating the early game

With a small cooldown duration, skill 1 and skill 2 are making Paquito a lethal hero on the battlefield. With some little quick moves, Paquito is able to do some serious damage making him an overpowered character. But these little quick moves also require precision making him difficult to play.

Paquito release date in Mobile Legends

Within a few weeks after debuting in the advanced server, Paquito has received a patch note with some adjustments in the active and passive skills. Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise many if Paquito comes to the original server a little early, even earlier than the spring. But, it’s just expectations and the confirmation would be here as soon as the hero debuts on the original server.

That’s all for today’s overview guide about Paquito in Mobile Legends. Are you excited about the arrival of Paquito in MLBB? Let us know in the comment section below!

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