Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.54: All you need to know

Mobile Legends Bang Bang, one of the most played Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre for Android and iOS. The developers are set to roll out Mobile Legends patch update 1.5.54 soon enough. So let’s have a detailed look at it. There are a lot of adjustments made on the MLBB heroes and the battlefield which will be available via the Mobile Legends 1.5.54 patch update.

Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.54

Hero Adjustments


In the previous patch also, Beatrix got some attention. This patch mainly focusses on this new Marksman.Increased her overall damage in the early game. Optimized some weapons and related functions.

Basic Attack – Rennet (Buffed)

  • Damage increased from 300% of Physical Attack → 180 + 360% of Physical Attack

Basic Attack – Wesker (Buffed)

  • Damage increased from 100% of Physical Attack → 60 + 120% of Physical Attack

Basic Attack – Bennett(Adjusted)

  • Damage adjusted with 180% of Physical Attack → 90 + 180% of Physical Attack (with its area of effect slightly reduced)

Basic Attack – Nibiru (Buffed)

  • Damage increased from 40% of Physical Attack → 20 + 40% of Physical Attack


  • The reloading speed increases with Attack Speed.

Ultimate – Renner’s Apathy(Buffed)

  • Cast range and rate of fire increased.

Ultimate – Bennett’s Rage(Adjusted)

  • Bullet speed reduced.
  • Damage increased.

Ultimate – Wesker’s Elation(Nerfed)

  • Damage Decay Ratio reduced from 20% → 15%
  • Minimum Damage increased from 20% → 40%
  • New Effect: Gains a shield for each casting, which lasts 3s.

Ultimate – Nibiru’s Passion(Buffed)

  • Fixed an issue to ensure that all volleys deal damage.
  • Damage increased from 200-280 + 40% of Physical Attack → 225-315 + 45% of Physical Attack

The descriptions of her 4 weapons are shown in the display interface. The description of Passive that can be viewed on the battlefield changes when she swaps weapons. The number of bullets left in each weapon is displayed.


Aurora’s proper positioning can be quite deadly for the enemy team as she deals a lot of damage. This patch has increased the extra damage Aurora could gain from equipment. Devs plan on making her too overpowered in the late game.

Skill 1(Buffed)

  • Magic Power Bonus: 130% → 200%


  • Base Damage reduced from 900-1300 → 800-1200
  • Magic Power Bonus increased from 180% → 240%


Terizla had got some attention in the last patch as well. In this patch, the devs have adjusted his Skill 2 to sustain his ability to clear minion waves in the mid to late game. Besides, his Ultimate and Passive have been adjusted to make him more a Fighter than a Tank.

Skill 2(Buffed)

  • Damage to Minions increased from 60% → 60%-100%


  • Cooldown reduced from 48-36s → 40-30s

Passive (Nerfed)

  • Max Damage Reduction reduced from 45% → 35%


Moskov’s early game is quite bad as he doesnt deal enough damage and is quite squishy as well. This update will enhance his ability to farm and fight in the early to mid game.

Skill 1(Buffed)

  • Attack Speed Increase increased from 20%-70% → 40%-70%

Revamped Argus

  • Optimized the skill casting experience.


  • Slightly extended the time of casting enhanced Basic Attacks, to create a better interactive experience.
  • Physical Attack Bonus for the damage of the first 2 enhanced Basic Attacks increased from 50% → 60%
  • Physical Attack Bonus for the damage of the 3rd enhanced Basic Attack increased from 50% → 100%
  • Physical Attack Bonus for HP Regen increased from 15% → 20%


Bane’s attributes were removed in the last patch update. This update will put back some adjustments into his attributes as devs are trying their best to improvise him.

Skill 1(Adjusted)

  • Cooldown increased from 5-3.5s → 6-4s
  • New Effect: The Cooldown reduces by 0.05% for each point of Physical Damage dealt

Skill 2(Adjusted)

  • Cooldown reduced from 14-10s → 12-10s
  • Magic Power Bonus for HP Regen reduced from 300% – 240%
  • Magic Power Bonus reduced from 200% – 160%
  • New Effect: The Cooldown reduces by 0.05% for each point of Magic Damage dealt.
  • Optimized the display of buff stacks on the Passive icon. 100 stacks display the same effect as that of 20 stacks before this patch.


Silvanna’s initiation and tankiness from her passive was quite a pain for the enemies to deal with. This update will nerf her attributes.


  • Ratio of Attack Speed inherited reduced from 100% → 80%


  • Basic Attack will now have 45 + 75% of Total Physical Attack + 45% of Total Magic Power → 45 + 45% of Total Physical Attack + 75% of Total Magic Power
  • New Effect: Gains stacks of Passive with Basic Attacks, where the full-stacked Passive effect can also be triggered.

Skill 2(Adjusted)

  • Base Shield reduced from 450-675 → 250-500
  • Magic Power Bonus increased from 105% → 170%
  • Ultimate(Nerfed): Cooldown: 38s → 46-38s


Yet another nerf in consecutive patches for this hero This patch will adjust Brody to restrain his power when he was equipped with defensive equipment.

Attributes (Nerfed)

  • Physical Attack Growth reduced from 13.5 → 10

Skill 2 (Nerfed)

  • Stun reduced from 1s → 0.85


  • Base Damage reduced from 400-640 → 300-540
  • Ratio of extra damage to lost HP reduced from 6-8% → 4-6%
  • Physical Attack Bonus reduced from 100% → 180%


The only her with unlimited dashes and flexibility. Her passive makes her a deadly assassin.

Skill 1(Nerfed)

  • Cooldown increased from 6.5-55 → 9-7s


  • Cooldown increased from 34-285 → 45-35s
  • Damage increased from 80-120 + 50% of Total Physical Attack → 100-140 + 85% of Physical Attack Bonus

Yu Zhong

With the changing meta, players have discovered Yu Zhong as a tank rather than a fighter. This patch will nerf his attributes which will force him to become a fighter again.

Attributes (Nerfed):

  • Base HP reduced from 2898 → 2698
  • HP Growth reduced from 215 → 195

Skill 3(Nerfed)

  • Cooldown increased from 12-10.55 → 14-11s

Lapu Lapu

After the revamped Lapu Lapu, this nerf is the third one for him. This update will slightly reduce Lapu-Lapu’s damage.

Passive (Nerfed)

  • Physical Attack Bonus for the damage of enhanced Basic Attacks reduced from 200% → 150%

Ultimate (Heavy-Sword)(Nerfed):

  • Base Damage of the first 2 attacks reduced from 320-500 → 280-440


Patch 1.5.54will slightly weaken her strength in laning and optimized her gameplay about hitting enemies’ Weaknesses.


  • Damage dealt when the target’s Weakness is hit: 2.5% of their Max HP → 50 (fixed value)
  • Duration of Weakness in the target staying revealed: 10s → 6s (as same as the duration when all Weaknesses are hit)

Skill 1(Nerfed)

  • Base Damage reduced from 100-200 → 60-120
  • Physical Damage Bonus for the damage of Swallow Dagger reduced from 85% → 65%

Yi Sun-shin

When equipped with retribution, YSS is a deadly jungler due to his fast farming skills and long stun from his turtle ship.


  • Damage of first Basic Attack reduced from 70/80/90/100% → 55/70/85/100%


  • His ult has no more the slow effect.


As we all know Esmeralda is no more a meta hero due to continous nerfs. This update will again reduce the strength of her Shield in the early to mid game.

Skill 1(Nerfed)

  • Base Shield generated reduced from 500-850 → 400-850

Equipment Adjustments

Clock of Destiny

Unique Passive – Time(Buffed)

  • Attribute growth interval reduced from 30s → 20s
  • HP Growth reduced from 30 → 25 Magic
  • Power Growthreduced from 5 → 4
  • Attributes grow a total of increased from 10 times → 12 times


Unique Passive – Immortal(Adjusted)

  • Wait time before resurrecting increased from 2s → 2.5s
  • Shield granted after resurrection adjusted from 300-1000 – 220-1200
  • Cooldown increased from 180s → 210s

Queen’s Wings


  • Physical Attack granted increased from 15 → 25
  • Max HP Increase reduced from 1000 → 900

Unique Passive – Demonize(Nerfed)

  • Damage Reduction when HP is low reduced from 40% → 30%

Upcoming Skins

Not only buffs and nerfs, this new patch will be bringing 5 new skins!

  • Yve – Forest Hymn
  • Wanwan – Pixel Blast
  • Luo Yi – Dawning Fortune
  • Carmilla – Phantom Countess
  • Cecillion – Phantom Count

Are you excited about the latest Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.54? Let us know in the comment section below.

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