Mobile Legends Project Next September 2022 update to bring about revamped heroes and skins

Exciting new changes await the fans of Mobile Legends!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developers have on their official YouTube channel released a short video giving an insight into the upcoming Project Next Update for September 2022. This update is going to bring about the revamp of some of our most beloved assassin-type heroes, Gusion and Lesley. So without much further ado, let’s check out the upcoming changes and improvements coming this September.

Mobile Legends Project Next September 2022 update: Revamped Heroes


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developers are giving Lesley a revamp that will help improve her facial looks, dressing, and costumes, as well as her skill mechanics. As regards the Facial looks and dressing revamps, the game developers are revamping Lesley’s looks to best fit her hero lore which describes her as the ‘Adopted Daughter‘ of one of the wealthiest families. Hence, she would be getting a new makeover that best expresses the wealthy and powerful family she’s in.

Mobile Legends Project Next September 2022 update Lesley
Image via Moonton Games

While as for Lesley’s skills revamp, the developers have chosen to optimize the casting experience as well as the visual effects of these skills. Thus making it more stylish and cool when used by players whilst on the battlefield.


The developers have also given Gusion a newly revamped look makeover that will best suit his new hero lore which shows how much things have gotten better for him after his meeting with his brother Aamon.

Mobile Legends Project Next September 2022 update Gusion
Image via Moonton Games

As regards his skills, the developers have also chosen to just optimize the skill effects as well as its casting experience to make this hero a much more fun hero for players. The developers have also stated that other adjustments or improvements in his abilities might still be made as Gusion is a really old hero who’s still very loved by most players.

Mobile Legends Project Next September 2022 update: Revamped skins

The developers have chosen to revamp the Valentine skins belongings to both Gusion and Lesley which each design showing more elegance and improved looks than the former skins.

Gusion’s revamped Valentine skin

Gusion revamped skin
Image via Moonton Games

Lesley Revamped Valentine skin

Lesley revamped skin
Image via Moonton Games

Mobile Legends Project Next September 2022 Update: Game Optimizations and UI Adjustments

Map Optimization

The developers have made adjustments to different battlefield features ranging from turrets’ design to optimization of jungle creeps feature and the addition of a new ‘Magic Sentryfeature. Firstly, the jungle creeps, especially the Purple and Red Creeps are going to have a much sharper visual colour. Another important adjustment is the redesign of turrets, now turrets will have a heavy crossbow attached to their peak. These redesigned crossbow-equipped turrets will now be able to track and rotate based on their target movements.

Lastly, the addition of a new Magic Sentry feature which is aimed at preventing enemy ambushes or camping alongside one’s Jungle lane/buff. The magic sentry only spawns once one’s team side lane turret has been destroyed, players are now meant to step on it to activate and fire a Magic Flare towards the corresponding jungle area. One’s team is granted a vision of the enemy’s presence along that area for a few seconds.

Draft Pick Selection Feature

The developers have now optimized the draft hero pick lobby to allow heroes to be sorted by matches played, making it easier for players to choose a well-understood hero during the match selection phase. Now, the total matches played with a hero would be displayed under the hero’s avatar.

Mobile Legends Project Next September 2022 Update
Image via Moonton Games

The developers are also adding improvements to the send grade feature, making it now possible for players to showcase their most recent extraordinary performances like a maniac or salvage kills using the selected hero. The developers have also optimized the grade display feature to prevent players from faking their grades. It will be displayed in a special format, so as to look more like a profile card.

Lastly, to allow for a much easier understanding of one’s mains during draft pick matches, the developers have optimized the pre-chosen main heroes by letting them change to the most recent heroes after a certain period of time. This will allow one’s team to deeply understand the kind of main heroes one actually plays.

Events User Interface (UI) Visual Update

Mobile Legends Project Next September 2022 Update event_user_interface
Image via Moonton Games

As most players are getting to use phone devices with a high screen-to-body ratio, the developers realized that some players are actually experiencing black bars or some other issues, when accessing the events page. However, in this Project Next September Update, the developers are about to fully renovate the events screen. It will always cover the full screen of the phone device. It provides a much more immersive and intriguing gameplay experience for players.

Final Thoughts

As the developers look forward to releasing more updates about September’s Project Next releases, players are getting thrilled and intrigued to see their favourite heroes getting revamped. So while we wait, players should try to hone their skills and battlefield skills before the releases arrive at the official server.

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