Mobile Legends reveals the Character Design Concept for Fredrinn ahead of its release

New Hero in MLBB releases on 12th August!

Fredrinn is the first hero released in season 25 of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In the latest video released on the official YouTube channel of Mobile Legends, the devs explained the design concept of Fredrinn, just ahead of its release on August 12, 2022.

Fredrinn’s backstory

Mobile Legends Fredrinn design concept

Fredrinn is a Fighter/Tank character. His character is attempted to be elegant and badass. He has a wild and wayward exterior, but deep down he is affectionate. During his youth, he hated all kinds of etiquette and ways of the noble family, so, he left his house Vance and started his adventure.

He met Fray on his journey and they became best friends. They went on many adventures together and had great synergy between themselves.

Mobile Legends Fredrinn design concept

But once, while they were exploring the ruins, to save Fredrinn, Fray went missing. But to Fredrinn, Fray was not gone, he was just missing. So, Fredrinn stayed in Los Pecados and started a new life. To look for clues, he had to meet different kinds of people from different walks of life.

He was called a weirdo in Los Pecados, but he knew in his heart that no matter how long it might take, how tough things might get, he would be able to find Fray eventually.

Concept Art and Narrative Design go hand-in-hand for Fredrinn

Concept art visualizes the character and shows Fredrinn’s temperament in detail. The narrative design can improve a character’s story based on concept art. Main traits to be observed in Fredrinn:

  • He is richly dressed because he was born into a noble family.
  • He is also a rugged and wayward badass, with his coat chest and hand in his pocket.
  •  He has intricate values, he cares deeply about the people he cherishes the most. 
  • 2nd and 3rd points are emphasized more by the scar on his chest and the compass.

The scar tells the story between Fredrinn and Fray. And the compass shows Fredrinn the way towards which he might find Fray.

Characteristics of Fredrinn in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Fredrinn has a very strong will. He will come forward and step up for the people he values the most. So, in a fight, he would dare to fight the enemies head-on. This has been kept in mind while creating his unique passive. His passive is designed to store the damage he received and then he can recover HP by casting combos later on.

Mobile Legends Fredrinn design concept

The designers want to call him a “lovable rascal”. This can be seen in his actions. He uses only a single hand while casting regular skills and attacks. And uses both of his hands only when he is casting the ultimate. The crystal in his chest is designed in coordination with his weapon. His pauldron also plays an important role.

The story in the trailer is based around Fredrinn and the story unfolds around him. The trailer is not just to show the exterior of Fredrinn but to also unveil the story behind him, to show his style and personality, and to build a vivid and concrete character. When players would resonate with the story, the character would come to life.

What are your thoughts as Mobile Legends reveal Character Design Concept for Fredrinn? Let us know in the comments below!

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