Mobile Legends Valentina: Hero Overview, Skill analysis, and release date

Prophetess of the Night

Valentina, Prophetess of the Night, is the new mage coming to the Land of Dawn. She is available for trial on the Mobile Legends Advanced server from September 26th, 2021. She has a unique ability to copy other heroes’ appearances and their ultimate abilities. Let’s check the abilities and stats of Valentina as she makes her way in Mobile Legends.


Passive – Primal Force (Buff/Heal)

passive valentina

Valentina gains EXP each time she hits an enemy Hero with skill, if the enemy hero’s level is lower than or equal to Valentina’s, part of the damage dealt will be converted into her HP.

Skill 1 – Shadow Strike (Damage/CC)

CD: 7.0 Mana Cost: 70

skill 1 valentina

Valentina launches a Shadow Strike on a fan-shaped area ahead, dealing 350 (+120%Toatal Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 40% for 1 sec. Also applies a Shadow Sigil that lasts 4 sec to enemy heroes hit. Marked enemies that are hit by [Shadow Strike] again will be confused for 1 sec.

Skill 2 – Arcane Shade (Blink/Buff)

CD: 10.0 Mana Cost: 45

skill 2 valentina

Valentina dashes in a designated direction and fires 3 Shadow Bolts to the nearest enemy, each Shadow Bolt dealing 125(+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. Each time a Shadow Bolt hits an enemy hero, the cooldown of [Shadow Strike] is reduced by 1 sec. This skill can be cast 2 times.

Ultimate Skill – I Am You (Morph/Slowed)

CD: 40

skill 3 ultimate valentina

Valentina siphons the power of a designated enemy hero and slows them by 60% for 3 sec. The siphoned power allows Valentina to cast the enemy’s [Ultimate] within the next 15 sec. When casting the enemy’s Ultimate, Valentina will turn into the enemy hero’s form and inherit their Basic Attack type. If the enemy hero is a Physical Damage hero, Valentina will gain extra Physical Attack by 100% of her Magic Power until she turns back to her original form.

Skill Analysis and Hero Overview

Valentina’s first skill is where her main burst damage as a mage will come from. The skill also has two decent cc effects. Firstly, the skill of hitting enemies will slow them for 1 sec while marking them as well. When hit again with the first skill, the marked enemy will also get confused for 1 sec.

valentina gameplay mlbb
The new hero in Mobile Legends: Valentina

Her second skill will be her movement ability and will also reduce the cooldown of her first skill. The second skill fires 3 projectiles which on hitting enemies will reduce the cooldown of her first skill by 1 sec. So, for landing 3 projectiles, one can reduce the cooldown of the first skill by 3 secs. The second skill can be cast 2 times means up to 6 projectiles which if all land on enemies can reduce the cooldown of her first skill by a whopping 6 seconds. Valentina’s first and second skills synergize extremely well and we can expect a pretty spammable burst coming from her combining these two skills.

mobile legends valentina battlefield
Valentina on the battlefield

The Ultimate Ability of Valentina makes her one of the most unique heroes to be coming to the Land of Dawn. Depending on the hero Valentina will not only copy their looks and ultimate skill, but she will also change her basic attacks. Copying a melee hero, she can use melee basic attacks while copying a mage hero will change her basic attacks to the same basic attack animation as the hero she copies. Her unique passive is also something to take a look at. She is undeniably going to be a very fun mage to play with.

Valentina release date in Mobile Legends

Valentina is still in development works but is scheduled to be released after Aamon. It wouldn’t be long before we can finally get our hands on this awesome mage in the original server as Mobile Legends have been releasing Heroes quite frequently now.

That’s all for today’s overview guide about Valentina in Mobile Legends. Are you excited about the arrival of Valentina in MLBB? Let us know in the comment section below!

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