MONOPOLY GO! Key To The City Event: All you need to know

Key to unlock!

Another month arrives and there is no stopping the popular casual title MONOPOLY GO! churning out fantastic events, and the upcoming Key To The City Event is no exception. This is an amazing opportunity for players to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies, which even I would love to participate in and earn. Let me walk you through all the details you need to know about participating, hitting milestones, and getting the rewards in this upcoming event.

Key To The City Event in MONOPOLY GO!

The Key To The City event is set to begin on March 6, 2024, and will continue for two days before concluding for the Hot Rod Partners event to go live. Players can earn points and rewards by landing on designated tiles, so I advise having an ample supply of dice rolls prepared to make use of it.

Monopoly Go Key to the City rewards
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Now coming to the token distribution. To qualify for rewards, players need to land on specific corner tiles: Free Parking, in Jail, Go to Jail, and Go. Initially, landing on these tiles grants four tokens each, which can be multiplied through roll multipliers. Participation in this event presents players with the opportunity to win a variety of rewards, such as sticker packs, dice rolls, and Peg-E tokens.

MONOPOLY GO Key To The City: Milestones and Rewards

The Key To The City Event comes with 43 Milestones, 13,980 dice rolls, and around 800 Peg-E Tokens on offer. This also includes one big milestone at the end promising 6000 Dice Rolls for 6000 points as shared.

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards Earned
155 Peg-E Tokens
21015 Dice Rolls
3151-Star Green Sticker Pack
480120 Dice Rolls
51510 Peg-E Tokens
6201-Star Green Sticker Pack
72510-Minute Rent Frenzy
830Cash Prize
9180225 Dice Rolls
103515 Peg-E Tokens
11401-Star Green Sticker Pack
1250Cash Prize
13300350 Dice Rolls
1455Cash Prize
155010-Minute Cash Grab
166020 Peg-E Tokens
17702-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
18700720 Dice Rolls
197025 Peg-E Tokens
20803-Star Pink Sticker Pack
21100Cash Prize
2212001100 Dice Rolls
2315015-Minute High Roller
24140Cash Prize
25175160 Dice Rolls
261000Cash Prize
272004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
28300240 Dice Rolls
29350Cash Prize
3018001500 Dice Rolls
31500Cash Prize
32750Cash Prize
338004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
34900Cash Prize
3528002200 Dice Rolls
3610005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
371100Cash Prize
38120025-Minute Rent Frenzy
392250Cash Prize
401300850 Dice Rolls
4114005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
421500Cash Prize
4360006500 Dice Rolls

I say this is the perfect moment to level up your MONOPOLY GO strategy and grab all the opportunities waiting for you. Seize the chance to maximize your gains and make the most out of this exciting opportunity. It’s time to go for it and aim for success!

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