MONOPOLY GO! Memorial Marathon Tournament: Milestones, Rewards, and more

Marathon for rewards!

The modern-day rendition of the ever-popular Monopoly board game, MONOPOLY GO! brings out fantastic events for players this May 2024 to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies that help us progress faster on the Map as we dream of being Real Estate Kings. One such tournament that is live now in MONOPOLY GO is Memorial Marathon offering a thrilling opportunity to showcase our strategic skills and claim fantastic rewards. Let me guide you through all the essential details, including how to participate, the milestones to aim for, and the rewards awaiting us in this exciting event.

Additionally, if you just starting with MONOPOLY GO!, we have also covered a comprehensive beginner’s guide for some basic tips and a guide on how to add your friends to the game. Check our redeem codes and free dice rolls to grab some freebies along the way! If you are having any in-game issues, check our customer support article to connect to the official team hassle-free!

Memorial Marathon Tournament in MONOPOLY GO!

Commencing on May 28, 2024, and lasting for a day, the Memorial Marathon will be having its second run. The first time, it ran parallel with the dig event Sunset Treasures, but now the event is almost over so the no more Pickaxe tokens to collect. This tournament requires players to land on the Railroad squares to accumulate Memorial Marathon Tokens for playing either Shutdown or Bank Heist mini-games.

MONOPOLY GO Memorial Marathon Tournament Rewards
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The token distribution will remain the same. In terms of Heist Tokens, achieving a small Bank Heist yields four Tokens, while a large Heist grants six Tokens. However, experiencing Bankrupt results in eight Tokens. For Shutdown Tokens, encountering a Blocked shutdown accumulates two Tokens, while a Successful shutdown earns four Tokens.

MONOPOLY GO Memorial Marathon Tournament Leaderboard Rewards

Here’s a breakdown of the leaderboard rewards for the tournament, though please note that these could change at any time. Keep an eye on the tournament board once the event is live.

11500 Dice Rolls, Four-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
2800 Dice Rolls, Four-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
3600 Dice Rolls, Four-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
4500 Dice Rolls, Three-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
5400 Dice Rolls, Three-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
6350 Dice Rolls, Two-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
7300 Dice Rolls, Two-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
8250 Dice Rolls, Two-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
9200 Dice Rolls, Two-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
10200 Dice Rolls, Two-Star Sticker Pack, Emoji, Cash Prize
11-1550 Dice Rolls, Cash Prize, Emoji
16-50Cash Prize

MONOPOLY GO Memorial Marathon: Milestones and Rewards

The Memorial Marathon Tournament comes with Free Dice Rolls as the major rewards. The tournament will have 25 Milestones with 3440 dice rolls as rewards for you to collect. The mega prize will include one big milestone at the end promising 1200 Dice Rolls at the 25th milestone for 2000 points as shared. You will be also getting the Uncle Scottie shield once you complete the tournament.

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards Earned
15540 Dice Rolls
240Sticker Pack
39070 Dice Rolls
41305 Minutes High Roller
511080 Dice Rolls
6150Cash Prize
7200Sticker Pack
825015 Minutes Mega Heist
9225Sticker Pack
10275175 Dice Rolls
11300Cash Prize
12400Sticker Pack
13375250 Dice Rolls
14425Cash Prize
1550020 Minutes Rent Frenzy
16600375 Dice Rolls
17550Sticker Pack
18700Cash Prize
19800500 Dice Rolls
201000Cash Prize
21900Cash Prize
221300750 Dice Rolls
23150015 Minutes Cash Grab
241800Cash Prize
2520001200 Dice Rolls

With me explaining everything you need, don’t hesitate any longer! It’s time to elevate your Monopoly Go strategy and seize every opportunity to claim all the rewards awaiting you. With a solid plan in place, you’ll maximize your chances of success and reap the benefits of this Tournament.

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