Motorsport Icon Valentino Rossi launches virtual world in Roblox titled Moto Island – The official Valentino Rossi Experience

High octane open world racing in Roblox!

Moto Island- The official Valentino Rossi Experience, has officially launched on Roblox, according to VR46 Metaverse. Moto Island, a game developed in collaboration with the metaverse company Dubit, offers intense online multiplayer racing in a lively open world.

Roblox Moto Island is built around the pivotal values of accessibility and customization

The encounter marks VR46 Metaverse’s first foray into the virtual world. This firm is responsible for creating Valentino Rossi, a nine-time motorcycle world champion, in video games and metaverses. The motorsport legend himself selected Roblox, the well-known gaming platform with 58.8 million daily users.

The setting for Moto Island in Roblox is due to its significance in the gaming industry and its capacity to engage players in entertaining ways. To accurately capture the competitive spirit of racing, Moto Island was created around the two fundamental principles of accessibility and customization.

“With Moto Island, we want to elevate this sport and provide all participants with a satisfying, first-rate experience. I wanted to create such an experience for all motorsport fans and beyond”, said the Italian rider and motorsport legend Valentino Rossi. He added, “Interacting and communicating with my fans has always been a crucial aspect throughout my career. It’s so exciting to be able to do the same with younger generations through Roblox.”

Race in an open world environment filled with cities, countryside, and more in Moto Island

Moto Island is an open-world setting with towns, mountains covered in snow, roads along the ocean, forests, and, of course, race tracks. Up to 30 racers can line up and test out some of Roblox’s finest bike physics. Players can find numerous bikes with tens of thousands of appearance and speed upgrades in Moto Island. There are also user-generated content accessories like leathers, helmets, and even a turtle passenger.

Roblox Moto Island launched
Image via Roblox

According to Jean Claude Ghinozzi, CEO of VR46 Metaverse, “the launch of Moto Island represents a significant milestone in the VR46 Metaverse schedule for 2023. We needed a partner with extensive industry knowledge to make this possible, and working with Dubit was the best decision we could have made.”

“The acronym GOAT is bandied around a lot these days,” said Matthew Warneford, co-founder of Dubit. He stated, “In the case of Valentino Rossi, it’s absolutely warranted. We’ve loved creating Moto Island with VR46 Metaverse and can’t wait to see millions of players enjoy the incredible races.”

Roblox Moto Island launched
Image via Roblox

Over the upcoming months, Moto Island will continuously improve and receive updates to provide players with fresh material and events.

Are you excited as Moto Island- The official Valentino Rossi Experience is now launched on Roblox? Let us know in the comments below!

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