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MU: Devils Awaken, the new game transformed from MU Origin 2, is set to release on 2nd August 2023

A Complete Transformation of MU Origin 2

Authorized by WEBZEN, MU: Devils Awaken represents an exhilarating new gaming experience that derives from the beloved MU Origin 2. The game’s scheduled release is on August 2nd, 2023 at 8:00 AM EDT. MU Origin 2, on the other hand, will bid farewell as it concludes at 07:00 AM on August 2nd, 2023. However, players who wish to continue their journey can find solace in knowing that FingerFun (HK) Limited will reintroduce the game under the title MU: Devils Awaken. This reimagined version will offer abundant rewards and benefits based on the VIP points of the players’ existing characters, accessible through a coupon system.

Discover the Breathtaking World of MU: Devils Awaken

Authorized by WEBZEN, MU: Devils Awaken pushes the boundaries of 3D MMORPG graphics while remaining faithful to the classic MU essence. The game showcases stunning dynamic costumes and radiant wings, creating an immersive experience with enhanced scenes and lighting effects that perfectly recapture the charm of Atlantis, allowing players to revel in the magnificence and splendor of the Continent of Miracles.

MU Devils Awaken
Image via FingerFun Limited

Departing from conventional class gameplay, the skills can be extensively upgraded and awakened, opening up new adventurous possibilities for players in MU: Devils Awaken, featuring iconic characters like Swordsman, Mage, or Archer. Furthermore, players can anticipate the exciting appearance of beloved classes such as Diviner and Magic Gladiator in this new iteration, promising an extraordinary journey ahead.

MU: Devils Awaken welcomes back veterans with an exclusive VIP coupon

MU: Devils Awaken extends a warm welcome to all MU Origin 2 veterans, inviting them to embark on an exciting new adventure in the Continent of Miracles once again. From this day forward, players of MU Origin 2 have the opportunity to access a designated e-mail link, where they can provide their information and receive an exclusive VIP Coupon designed specifically for returning players.

Depending on their VIP level, participants stand to gain practical rewards, including gold coins, Lock Wings, Pink Diamonds, and more. As players’ VIP levels progress, they unlock additional benefits such as Blessing Gems, Mayan Gems, Soul Gems, 6th Tier Archangel Weapons, and Mount and Costume selections, along with various other bonuses awaiting them on this thrilling journey. Registration for coupons via e-mail will be open from 02:00 AM, 3rd of July, 2023 (UTC) to 06:59 AM, 2nd of August, 2023 (UTC).

Reuniting with Old Comrades in MU Devils Awake
Image via FingerFun Limited

MU: Devils Awaken is a new game relaunched by FingerFun (HK) Limited and does not retain data from the current MU Origin 2, including character levels, goods, and items, due to technical challenges. Players will need to create a new account and character, starting their adventure from the beginning (account and new character creation required).

Celebrate the release of MU: Devils Awaken with exciting events

To commemorate the release of MU: Devils Awaken with its revitalized appearance, the official team has organized a sequence of celebratory activities, extending an invitation to players from various backgrounds to partake in the merriments. The specific event details can be found below:

Grand Opening Extravaganza – Daily Logins

During the event period, log in for a total of 9 days within 14 days, and you will receive awesome rewards like Blessing Gems, Hawk’s Sparks, Pink Diamonds, and more!

Login DaysGame Reward 1Game Reward 2
2nd DayGem of Blessing x105x EXP Card x1
3rd DayHawk’s Spark x20Pink Diamonds x200
6th Day
Eudemon Glyph x10
Pink Diamonds x500
9th DaySunscorch x1Pink Diamonds x1,000

Grand Opening Extravaganza – Growth Challenge

This event spans over eight days, and players can earn a substantial amount of Pink Diamonds, Gold, and Rock’s Feather simply by creating a character, entering the game, and completing designated tasks!

  • Achieve specific character levels
  • Complete a certain number of main storyline quests
  • Fulfill alliance donation requirements
  • Reach designated Wing levels
  • Reach designated Sigil levels
  • Attain designated Spirit levels
  • Clear specified dungeon difficulties
  • Conquer designated floors of the Demons Tower
  • Equip a certain number of enhanced equipment pieces

Grand Opening Extravaganza – BOSS Challenge

During the first 7 days of the server opening, accumulate the number of boss kills, and you’ll be rewarded with Gems of Blessing, Lv. 1 Rubies, Hawk’s Sparks, Gold, and more exciting gifts!

Boss KillsGem of BlessingLv. 1 RubyHawk’s SparkGold

Grand Opening Extravaganza – Level-Up Challenge

During the first 7 days of the server opening, reach specific levels to receive fantastic rewards, including Pink Diamonds, EXP Cards, Eudemon’s Sigil, and more amazing gifts!

Target LevelReward 1Reward 2Reward 3
Lv. 40Pink Diamonds x1005X EXP Card x1Gold x 100000
Lv. 120Pink Diamonds x1508X EXP Card x1Gold x 120000
Lv. 180Pink Diamonds x150Eudemon’s Sigil x10Gold x 140000
Lv. 220Pink Diamonds x2001000 Crystal x10Gold x 160000
Lv. 260Pink Diamonds x200Mana Herb x10Gold x 180000
Lv. 280Pink Diamonds x30010X EXP Card x1Gold x 200000

MU: Devils Awaken can be downloaded from either Android or iOS.

Are you excited about the release of MU: Devils Awaken? Let us know in the comments below!

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